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I have been using a service called Facebook for a few weeks. I heard of it a long time ago, but thought that it wasn’t something for me, I just couldn’t understand why I should be using it. It seemed that it was a service for students in the US and not even students abroad, so why should I be interested?

About two weeks ago, I received an invitation to join Facebook from a friend that I haven’t been in contact for the past year or so. I just had to say yes to the invitation, and so my Facebook adventure started. At first I just had this one guy as my friend, and I didn’t do anything other than talk to another friend. And guess what, he was using Facebook daily, so about five minutes later, I had another friend added to my Facebook profile. After that, I have received daily messages and new friends sending requests to add them to my profile.

Facebook as been on the frontpage of a national newspaper in Norway, and it seems to be a great buzz about it. A lot of people, actually it seems that almost everybody from 12 to 35 are using it. It’s a free service and you can get in touch with a lot of people if you start using it. I am only using it to “talk” to friends, but I think that you can use Facebook as a way to market your business as well. It actually seem to be kind of easy…

You can just add your business as your homepage, and people who are interested in you might be clicking on it. This way you will get free hits. Another way is to write to your friends about your business, but this might not be such a good thing to do. Your friends might get a little upset if you start sending them spam through Facebook and soon they might actually remove you. I am actually a little curious why there has been so little spam at Facebook (at least at my site at Facebook).

I am not sure of other ways to market your business at Facebook, but there are many millions using it and if you find a way, you might get tons of traffic to your site.

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