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Facebook LikeSpinner – The First Test

Facebook Likes

There are many ways to get more people to like your Facebook Page, some are free and some are paid.

I believe that the best free methods are:

But that’s not what I’m going to be talking about today.

Why I bought LikeSpinner

I have bought a script called LikeSpinner (aff. link), and I have tested it, just a little, but enough to share my thoughts.

I bought it on impulse. The sales page, and the video convinced me that I should test the script (I have to admit that it looks great). This happens to me a lot, the sales pages are stunning with awesome testimonials from well-known marketers, and it gets me every single time. That’s exactly what happened this time.

LikeSpinner was fairly cheap, I paid $29, and it was 60 day money back guarantee. I didn’t have anything to lose.

The reason I bought it and wanted to test it, was because I wanted to see the viral effects of this script, and if it’s possible to get lots of new people to like my Facebook Fan Page from just installing a script.

It’s usually not that easy, but I thought that this time it might be just that easy (I always seem to think that when I see a new product).

What is LikeSpinner?

Let me tell you what it is by showing you images and examples of how I use it.

First of all, LikeSpinner creates a landing page for you on your Facebook Page. When people visit, that’s what they’ll see.

Here’s an image of mine (this is straight out of the box).

Blogbuddy is using LikeSpinner

LikeSpinner comes with all the graphics you need, and you get the psd-files, so you can edit and add your own text.

Look, it’s all about the incentive.

I’m offering my eBook for free, it’s called TwitterVirtue (the same as I’m offering people who subscribe to my newsletter). You can add whatever you feel like in order to get people to Like your Facebook Page. You just need to add it to the design.

What happens when you click like?

Here’s an image of what happens.

Here's how LikeSpinner looks when you click Like on BlogBuddy

If you’ve added an eBook, members of the Facebook Page will get a direct download link to the eBook. You can also build your list (when they click on get more free stuff), by adding your autoresponder code (I’m using AWeber). And finally, your new members can share your Page and invite their friends to visit it as well.

How easy is it to install?

Actually, it’s not as easy as you might think. Well, it’s fairly easy if you’re going to use all the images that comes with it (without doing any editing), just switch the links to yours. But if you’re going to edit and replace the images, and even remove a few, then I found it to be a bit hard (well, it’s not hard at all if you’re experiened with html, css, and Photoshop).

You can edit everything, and make it look exactly like you want it to look. That’s the good part.

Here’s how you can test it

I am still just testing this, I haven’t used it much. But I believe that this can be a really powerful tool to drive massive traffic from Facebook – but remember, it’s all about the incentive, and then, it’s all about the remarkable content.

Visit my Facebook Page called Blog Buddy. Now, the first thing you’ll see is the landing page that I created using LikeSpinner, click Like and you’ll see what happens. Then, click unlike, and you’ll understand the difference.

Remember, what you see is what you get. I have done very little editing, just installed the script as it is. Because this is all a test, and I did it mostly in order to write this blog post.

What do you think?

As I’ve just said, I have only been testing it for a short while. It took me a while to install and set up, and I haven’t been promoting it at all (it’s impossible to find Blog Buddy, well, until right now).

Let me know what you think of this way to get more people to like your Facebook Page. And please let me know if you have any questions.

Image: Flickr

22 responses to “Facebook LikeSpinner – The First Test”

  1. Adam Paudyal says:


    Likespinner looks like a cool tool. Hope to hear more about using this tool from ya before making that 29 dollars investment.

    Appreciate the share. Talk to you later brother.

    • Hi Adam,

      I’ll let you know more about it soon. I’m going to test it for the college where I work, and then we’ll be customizing it with a completely different design.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  2. Allan Douglas says:

    That looks Interesting Jens… not something I could use at the moment, but worth remembering. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Allan,

      It might be something to consider if you have a Facebook Page. I believe it’s worth the $29, but I have only tested it for a very short time.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Allan Douglas says:

    That looks interesting Jens… not something I can use at the moment, but definately worth remembering. Thanks for the peek.

  4. Allan Douglas says:

    That looks interesting Jens… not something I can make use of at the moment, but worth remembering.

  5. Allan Douglas says:

    OOooKay… this Disqus comment thingie is messing with me. First it wouldn’t let me comment at all, some sort of Disqus error, now well.. you see it. Feel free to delete the clones (and this one).

  6. Brankica U says:

    Are you still testing it and are you going to use the 60 days back guarantee?

    So is there anyway the spinner helps you get likes? Or it start working after someone clicks like? Because if that is the case than I would not buy it since all the spinner does can be done on the landing page with some coding.

    • You’re absolutely right. All it does can be done with some coding. Nothing happens until you click “Like”, then a box pops up with some options that you define (like download the free ebook).

      I’m still testing it, but I won’t ask for my money, because I don’t know enough about the coding – and I’m going to use it for the college where I work. We’re going to be giving away a free iPad every month to the people who are receiving our newsletter.

      It’s cheaper for me to pay $29 for LikeSpinner than to pay someone to code the landing page and create a script that will do what LikeSpinner does 🙂

  7. Really interesting Jens. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ is out there that, quite frankly, I ain’t got a clue about. LikeSpinner is one such tool. I’m curious to here the part 2 of the story and how it ends up for you.


  8. Love this interesting and informative post.i like this informative blog.
    keep going on.

  9. Ishan says:

    Jens, I was looking to make my FB blog page more attractive and get more likes on it. Seems like this is a good script. I might try it out next month.

    • Hi Ishan,

      Yes, I believe the script is good, but I haven’t been able to test it enough just yet. But I will soon, as I’m going to test it for our college, and we’re receiving a lot of traffic to the page. Then we’ll see if the script will be helpful or not.

  10. Thanks a lot for your kind words 🙂

  11. Amr Boghdady says:

    I think its pretty awesome Jens!
    Many people have recommended creating landing pages for FB fan pages, while offering a little incentive in return
    I haven’t tried that yet, since I don’t have any eBooks written just yet, but I’m planning to do so in the very near future

    • Incentives always work, but of course, the greater the incentive the better it works 🙂 I’m going to set up the landing page for the college Facebook Page on wednesday, and the incentive will be an iPad contest… I’m looking forward to see the effects.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Amr.

  12. denimesasx says:

    No need to be very difficult. The easiest way is probably a real picture UIImageView the turbine, and another with the selection UIImageView highlighted yellow (transparent PNG) overlay. The rotation can be controlled with the property of transforming the first UIImageView.

  13. company logo says:

    Thumbs up for this article! Very helpful and it gives awareness to many designers.

  14. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  15. bodiddley says:

    I’ve tried to install this script with LOTS of trouble. The original was FBML, and was still the download even after the big iframe switch in… March, i think it was…? Took a few days for a reply from likespinner but I got the correct iframe download. (I still can’t figure out the deal, it’s basically the same thing as the original “likebuzz” in which the likespinner creator actually is a testimonial… so some parting of ways between partners? Look closely at some screenshots, or compare sites side by side… wherever you see “likespinner” it’s simply covering up “likebuzz” – same content.)

    Good thing, it’s cheaper. Bad thing, even with the instructions, I can’t get it to work fully. I think the problem is not likespinner though, I think it’s the mess that is Facebook. I have fully decided I HATE Facebook. As someone who understands HTML fully, Photoshop, and all that, I’m used to hand-coding sites… and Facebook makes things so convoluted and unintelligble, I could scream.

    The big problem I had originally was the need for a secure host (as you have to link to your iframe content in a regular and secure way). However, the likespinner files have an “index.php” file, and Facebook seems only to respond to an .html file that I’ve seen.

    Anyway, I’d love to see your blog buddy site with the iframe use, but look slike it’s not thtere any more. I dunno… I’m just frustrated, and thinking I’ll simply use the free “wildfire” option I found recently. same idea, makes a quick link to either two images or some simple HTML…

  16. That looks interesting Jens… not something I can make use of at the moment, but worth remembering.

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