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Facebook Business Page – The Strategy That Works

The reason you are using Facebook, might be because it’s completely free and all your friends are using it. That’s it. And, if you’ve thought this through and you have looked at your business, you’re also using a Facebook Business Page, because most of your targeted audience are also active on Facebook. It’s free, the people you know, they’re there, and you can reach every single customer with just a few clicks.

The strategy you are using, might be publishing every time you have a new product in stock or you’re publishing something every time you’ve got a campaign or some sort of discount. That’s what we used to do in traditional media. Many of us are still applying the same methods to the new media. Self-promotion isn’t always a good thing, you might consider applying the 80/20 rule to social media.

Behind the scenes

When you’re running a business, you need to keep selling in order to drive a profit. If you consider Facebook to be inside your business, think of it as a movie with bonus footage. Your business page is your behind the scenes, it’s where you tell your story, it’s where you share the small things that people won’t find anywhere else. It’s the place where you’re personal, it’s where you ask the questions and you do your best to talk to the customers.

When you apply the “behind the scenes” metaphor you start to think about your Facebook Business Page in a new way. First, you keep thinking of how to sell to your customers, using a short cut (Facebook). Then, after a while, you start thinking that you’re actually communicating with your fans. You’re the celebrity, the movie star, and the people listening, they’re your fans. So, how do you communicate with your fans?

You don’t see many of actors, pitching their movies again and again on their Facebook Pages. Well, at least I hope not. Most likely, they’re communicating with their fans, telling them something personal.

Pictures are great

You don’t need much text. Think pictures. Add a line of text, explaining the picture or asking a question related to the picture. It seems that most people, at least in Norway, are using Facebook on their mobile phones, and a picture grabs your attention in the news feed.

Remember, you and your business are the celebrities.

Think engagement

What you are looking for as a business, is engagement. You want people to like, share and comment what you’re publishing. The reason you want this is that the more engagement, the more people will see your updates. The Facebook Edgerank algorithm focuses on the showing and spreading the best content. It’s getting harder and harder to spam, and that’s great news. On the other hand, that means that you need to focus on publishing content that makes people engage.

Sometimes it’s the small things that makes the most impact.

3 responses to “Facebook Business Page – The Strategy That Works”

  1. metz says:

    Hi Jens!

    I must say, “Tell your friends about your fan page in real life. Without promoting yourself too much, you can build interest in your company.”

    It is important to take note in having a new Facebook Page. You will sound so salesy if you promote too much.

    I have to agree with your tips. Engagement is very important after successfully creating your own page.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – where this post was found.

  2. Ann07 says:

    Facebook has been so great in advertising. Many marketers are in certain to include this platform in their list of effective strategies in marketing.

    The pictures are great – I agree with this line.

    In social media, you don’t need to post at least a paragraph just to endorse your business. What you need is just a one liner sentence that explains the thought, and a big picture that is related to it. Right choice of pictures can lead you to social media stardom.


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  3. Joseph Montes says:

    Great info Jens ! Maybe I should focus on my company fan page a bit more 🙂

    Best wishes,

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