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Facebook Banner Ads are Hard to Find

This is part of a series of posts about my experience with Facebook Advertising, be sure to read the following posts:

It seems like I started the Facebook Advertising campaign a long time ago, but to your information it’s not been that long. The campaign started on December 21st, and today it’s January 9th, well, I was going to tell you how many days it’s been, but I guess you can figure out that for yourself.

The campaign is still doing great. 1625 clicks at the moment, and I am paying on average $0.46 per click. I am not really sure, but to me that’s not bad at all. Most of the people clicking the advertisement are also answering the questionnaire / attending the competition where they can win an iPod touch and / or an iMac.

But I have been thinking about one thing the last couple of days, and it was really something that bothered me a little on the day I launched the Facebook marketing campaign.

How can I advertise using skyscraper banners, like 120 x 600 pixels (or maybe a little smaller)? I have seen many other companies using them, but where do I find the option?

I have been clicking everywhere on my quest to find it, or so it seems. I can only find the smaller ad units. The one that I currently using. Where I can add headlines, the body text and an image that will be somewhere inside the advertisement (along with the text).

I thought that I would give the big banner ads a try, but now I just can’t find out how to add them to the campaign. How silly is that? I guess that I am looking all the wrong places.

2 responses to “Facebook Banner Ads are Hard to Find”

  1. Infinity says:

    Not sure if you knew this or not, and by the looks of it I would say you don’t, but Facebook has eliminated their skyscraper ads. Here, read this;

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