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Should I Start Using Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads

I can’t remember the last time I used any type of paid advertisements, but my clients are using paid advertisments every single day, and I need to keep myself updated on the latest methods, especially when it comes to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about learning more about Facebook Ads, especially since there are so many interesting ways to target a specific audience, and it seems to be a cheaper option than AdWords.

But first, I’d love to get some feedback:

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I have been using Facebook a lot for some of my clients, but it’s always been about regular status updates, based on what I already know about Facebook Edgerank, and how to get more people to see the updates. I am using Facebook to create a strong relationship with my clients and their customers, in order to create trust.

Facebook Ads are different than Google AdWords. Facebook targets interests, geography, gender, status etc.. while Google AdWords targets search. So, it might be a good thing to combine the two services to get the best results.

I still believe in content, and results from organic search, but, sometimes, in order to get fast results, it might be a good thing to use paid advertisment.

Let’s discuss it. Are you using Facebook Ads?

25 responses to “Should I Start Using Facebook Ads?”

  1. I have a confession…I didn’t know what those terms meant. Thanks for defining them for me.

  2. Mike Seddon says:

    Yes I’m using Facebook ads both for myself and for clients. You are absolutely right that it is different to Google Adwords. As you say it’s about finding the person rather than them searching for your product so even you adverts need to be crafted differently. I’ve heard people say that B2B doesn’t work but I can tell you it does. It’s all about finding the right demographic for your products, then presenting the right enticing advert.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’d be interested in more information about how you use your ads on Facebook, especially when it comes to your target url. Are you using sites within Facebook (pages, events etc..) or are your ads going to external urls? I’m thinking that it might be better to keep everything within Facebook, in order for more people to like/share the content.

  3. I have used both. I didn’t have any luck with Google but I had a lot more success with facebook ads. To me it was a lot easier to really target your market and over the years it has gotten much more specific on who you can market to. The only thing with facebook ad is that it’s gotten more challenging to get your ads approved. It’s best to use a fan page to get your ads approved over an external website from my experience.

    • It seems that it takes time to get the ads approved, I’ve been waiting close to 24 hours now to get one approved for a client. Are you using any services/software for your Facebook ads, or have you been learning how to create the right kind of ads by yourself? I’ve been thinking about buying a course to become better at it.

      • Tom Coleman says:

        Hi Jens-Petter I haven’t been running FB ads recently but a friend of mine taught me how and she’s been teaching other 6 & 7 figure earners who didn’t believe it could be done profitably on Facebook. You have to have a landing page within FB. Your words on your picture ad and your page can’t have more than, I believe, 20% of the picture/page obscured by words. FB uses a graph to calculate it and that will keep your ads from being approved. If you submit an ad and they disapprove it quickly and your sure your ad is within their guidelines you can email support and they will review it. I understand a lot of ads are being disapproved lately and some of them shouldn’t have been. Any way my friends name is Michelle Pescosolido and she has an updated Facebook training product that is out now. if you’d like to check it out, you can Google her name or there will be a link on my blog. Best of luck. Tom

  4. George says:

    Facebook Advertisement works because it is closely integrated to the Facebook page. Recently I noticed that there are very nicely created advertisements appear on the Login page.

  5. what i have to pay for it and could you pls tell me hiw to get new facebook news feed i can’t get the link pls… bookmarked..

  6. rzive says:

    We use Facebook ads with a lot of our clients. I like that you can target the audience so narrowly. The breadth might be smaller – but the impact, in our experience, is often greater.

    • That’s very interesting Ruth. What’s your target url’s, are they external (like to their websites) or always to a Facebook page or event?

      • Ruth Zive says:

        We’ve done both. We have clients who do really well with Facebook contests and events, but we also use Facebook to drive visitors to a landing page. We never do PPC with Facebook to bring traffic generally to the website – we always have a conversion goal in mind.

  7. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Jens

    I’ve not used Facebook ads for a few years now. I used to use it when I was doing more affiliate marketing.

    It sounds as though they’ve changed a lot since I last used them but it’s definitely something I have thought about too.

    It’ll be interesting to hear what you decide to do.

  8. I know of a business that thinks it is doing well with facebook ads because they are regularly getting more likes on their page. This is how they are measuring their success. Ugh.
    I do think that facebook ads can be successful, but make sure you are measuring your campaigns with measurable metrics so you know you are getting return on investment. After all, facebook is not a popularity contest!

  9. Dan says:

    I am not using them but I strongly believe that Facebook is a huger resource that is not to be neglected when talking about marketing. Social media is the way to go these days. Cheers.

  10. Simona says:

    I`ve given Facebook Ads a quick research and it seems that it could be worth trying but if you`d like to cover all target interests, in my opinion you could use both. This is the case when you are willing to invest so much. If not, I think Facebook Ads would suffice, I find it much more appealing and much more trustworthy.

  11. Tony Young says:

    In some way, Facebook ads is totally useless. I got many people clicking like but they never interact with my facebook fan page.

  12. well i think this is very great idea but i have to pay lot i think facebook adds are to costly have to pay greta cpc rates i think ..

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