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EzineBlaze is doing it – who else?

One of the first unwritten rules when it comes to e-mail marketing is to include an unsubscribe (remove me) link at the bottoms of your autoresponder. This is extremely important to fight spam, and to be trusted in the online community. If you do not use this unsubscribe link, some people might get furious, a lot of people might be receiving your ads/notifications even if they don`t want it.

If you become a free member of EzineBlaze you will be receiving notifications like, “your EzineBlaze is growing”, where they are telling you that you should upgrade because more members are joining and you are missing out. The problem is that you cannot click on the famous unsubscribe or remove me link the e-mail you receive.

You might have to actually log in to the members area and delete your account. I am not really sure. What they should have done is give you an option in the e-mails they are sending out (quite often), that would be so much easier for all of EzineBlaze`s free members, but then maybe not that many would upgrade?

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