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Exceptional Service – Exceptional Profit

Any book Seth Godin recommends and especially when he writes that it’s “filled with treasure and big ideas,” is a book I have to read. That’s not the only reason why I decided to buy and read Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, but it made me look at the cover twice, that’s for sure.

exceptional service - exceptional profit

I’m currently focusing on customer service as part of my business, and I have written about why I believe customer service is about emotions and providing the customer with the right feeling, and not just about doing the right thing. And that’s what makes Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit such a great book. It helps people understand the real value of customer service, and that if you understand it, and make it part of your business, you’ll get customers for life.

The book explains the importance of what seems to be small details, like how we talk to our customers, what words we are using, and how we say hello and goodbye, into very powerful tools in our marketing.

I believe that one of the most important parts of the book is about the principles of noting and sharing, how we should create a system within our company of customer information. There are seven principles; like keeping your systems simple, if it’s important to your customer it belongs in your system and the information you gather needs to be available in real time.

Even if you hired a platoon of statisticians to pore through your customer data, they’d never uncover a single style of “good service” that can please every customer.

I’m currently a very happy man. I’m living by the ocean, staring at the sun and working with two of the best auto dealers in Norway when it comes to customer service; Jensen & Scheele Auto (they’re selling Renault and Mitsubishi) and Jensen & Scheele Bil (they’re selling Volvo).

55 responses to “Exceptional Service – Exceptional Profit”

  1. Go above, beyond then a bit farther to see immense profits 😉 Help people who want help and more importantly, release on poor matches. The 2nd lesson is tough to grasp but when you do accept the idea your business grows quickly.

    I love the idea here Jens. Sow freely to reap easily. I use this model each hour of the day. Create, connect, help. Make these 3 your buzzwords. Rock it out 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lisa says:

    Jens it looks like a great book to read while you are by the ocean there. I’m always fascinated by the emotional part of purchasing and customer service. It’s amazing when it’s done right and someone is a customer for life. Thanks for sharing the book with us!

  3. really this is very interesting….. so what i have to say is that to thank you so much for this great work that you do in this article….. i enjoy reading this article because it compose so many ideas that can adds light to all the visitors of those website…….. so thanks so much for sharing that article with us …. i find it very interesting … so keep on this way….

  4. Mark says:

    I’ve often said that customers will always remember how you make them feel… Customer service is the key to long term customers.’
    Great tips, Jens! : )

  5. Pramod says:

    In my perspective Customers are the one to decide where you stand in the market.Hence the 1st priority should be customers more than anything else.
    Looking forward for more such articles !


  6. Jan Koch says:

    I think I need to take a look in this book, thanks for sharing this recommendation!

    You’re so damn right with your mindset about customer service. I always need to think about Zappos when I talk about customer service. They are a great example how to do it right.

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