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Excellent customer service

This is not just another story about a pizza delivery guy. I’m always looking for that something extra, I’m always looking for excellent customer service. And, when I experience it, I’m dissecting it, to find out exactly why it was excellent customer service.

I’m still a fan of shopping at Zappos, without ever being a customer. That’s because, emotions, how you make people feel is more important than ever. But, Zappos are not the only one providing excellent customer service.

excellent customer service

A few days ago, I was at a pizza restaurant in Sweden. Yes, I know, another pizza story. But, it’s not really about the pizza, even though it tasted great. At the restaurant, I remember looking the smile of the waiter, and at my son, thinking about the time when he spilled his soda. I was thinking, what would happen if he spilled his soda at this place; what would the waiter do?

Excellent customer service – part 1

We ordered pizza for everyone; my wife, myself and three kids. It’s always easy to order pizza, we all love it. They’re not a fan, like I am, but, like I said, it’s always a good dinner for everyone in the family. Well, to make a long story short, my youngest son wasn’t ready for pizza. We got the pizza to the table, he looked at it and told us he didn’t want it.

My wife and I talked, briefly, and decided that we had to order something different. We hadn’t talked to him and asked him what he wanted. We just thought that he’d want pizza, like always. So, we decided to bring the pizza home, and ordered a hot dog and some French Fries instead.

The waiter had listened to what had happened. He smiled at my daughter when she walked up to him with the money, and told her that it was ok. You don’t have to pay, he said. The next meal is on the house.

Excellent customer service – part 2

A different waiter arrived at our table when I was outside, playing with my youngest son. He started to clear the table, without knowing that we were going to bring the pizza home with us. He put a plate on top of it, just as my wife told him that we needed a doggy bag for the leftovers.

I was outside, at the playground, when my wife told me that she wanted me to go back inside. You want to experience this, she said, smiling at me. They’re making you a new pizza, for free, because they messed up the leftovers.

Excellent customer service makes me want more

I’ve been writing about the importance of emotions in business, and that we should start to measure smiles. We never forget how people are making us feel. Most likely, even though the pizza tasted great, I would have forgotten all about it, just a few weeks later. Now, because of the smiles, and the excellent customer service, I’ll never forget it. And, most likely, I’ll be back soon, and it’s not because of how the pizza tastes.

There are a lot of great pizza restaurants. I’m always returning to the people who are making me feel great.

One response to “Excellent customer service”

  1. Carol Amato says:

    Hi, Jens,

    What a phenomenal story, and I thank you for sharing this.

    My husband and I had been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, so I can really relate to this particular story about customer service.

    I love your phrase of measuring smiles–that really got me thinking.

    What you are describing is what I call over delivery. Going above and beyond what is expected, and treating others as I want to be treated.

    Making an experience or visit memorable is one thing, but to cause an experience to stick out in your mind to never be forgotten – AND to speak to others about spreading the word, is quite another thing.

    Thank you so much for conveying this excellent lesson in such an easy, relatable story. It’s powerful.

    I’m sharing with all my friends,
    – Carol

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