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Exactly What I Like

I am not going to go on and on about this, because I actually think that I have written about it before. That was a while ago, a few weeks after I joined Text Link Ads. What happened then was that I received a “personal” letter from Patrick Gavin, the President at Text Link Ads. He welcomed me to the company and told me that they were happy to have me on board (or something like that).

So, today I received almost an identical letter from the President or CEO or whatever (I keep forgetting his title) at Aweber. They sent me a letter, and I live in Norway, no wonder why I love to get those. He told me the same stuff as mr. Gavin and said that if I had any questions or suggestions to how Aweber can become even better than today, I should contact them right away. Well, I might do that.

I hope that a lot of companies will start sending these letters to their affiliates the minute they sign up. It doesn’t cost much, probably just a few dollars and we all know that the letters are not personal and that the President or the CEO doesn’t actually sign them. But it’s a special feeling of appreciation you get when you receive it in the mail, maybe it’s just because I hardly get any “real” mail or maybe it’s the feeling of something I wasn’t expecting that happened. I am not sure why, but it’s exactly what I like and it’s something that will probably make me stay with Aweber for awhile.

6 responses to “Exactly What I Like”

  1. Arnie McKinnis says:

    TheGoodBlogs works I guess – that’s how I found your blog!! Also, I use MyBlogLog (see your widget) – as the say in PR, all exposure is good exposure.

  2. Jens P. Berget says:

    Both seems to work, as I have received traffic from both so far. Thank you for your comment, and you have a great blog.

    I found it through your comment 🙂

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