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eWriterPro – should you buy it?

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a friend telling me about this new software called eWriterPro. He basicly tried to sell it to me, and I decided to read every word of what he had to say about it.

I found his words to be very intriguing, and guess what? I ended up buying eWriterPro.

Now, a day later, I have a few words about this software myself. But I am not going to spend as much time as my friend to write a lengthy sales letter.

eWriterPro is a professional ebook creator. Nothing more and nothing less. It works, I have tested it. You can write your content, and with a few clicks, you got yourself an ebook. It was easy, I didn’t have to read any manual at all, it took me about 3 minutes to understand what it was all about.

I really liked the way you organize your ebooks and articles inside eWriterPro. It was very easy to find everything you have ever written (if you used eWriterPro to write it).

The reason I bought it was, well, first of all it was the intriguing sales letter, but it was also due to three very interesting facts:

If you are interested, you can grab yourself the master resale rights to eWriterPro. If you have any comments about the software, please share them.

3 responses to “eWriterPro – should you buy it?”

  1. vinshe says:

    This is true we will pay them by just bcoz we feel guilty. In india you will find such people who came with certificates and proof and tell you that we have cancer, we are from orphan home and lots of other reason they find to get money. So I just when anybody get such thing they need to check that they are saying or showing things are true or not.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for your review… I’ve been trying to locate reviews that didn’t also look like a sales pitch and yours was the first. Thanks again!

    • Hi,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. It’s been a while since I tested it. At the moment, I’m only using writeroom for all my blogposts and scrivener for my novel.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

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