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Everything I know About Facebook

I haven’t really thought about it before, but I have been blogging for a while. I discovered this obvious fact today, that’s because I am writing a sort of a recap of all my Facebook posts. When I decided to do so, I never thought that I would find that many posts. Actually, I found a lot more posts than I thought I’d find. I can’t put links to them all in this one post. If I did, this post would either take me forever to write, or it would be just packed with links.

I have just read most of my old Facebook posts, and some of them are fairly interesting, others are clearly at the start of my “Facebook career”. I have even created some Facebook banners, and they are fairly popular. You download my free Facebook banners and add them to your blog or website.

This is a recap of my old Facebook posts, some of them might not be that old though. Some of the links might be sorted by date, some by topic. To start it all, I found a post about what sort of profile picture you should be using in order to gain traffic, will an image like this have any effect on your marketing?

Facebook Groups

I have written several posts about why Facebook Groups are important, posts like how to find and create Facebook groups, the power of groups on Facebook and Marketing using Facebook groups. So far, I find Facebook groups to be one of the most interesting aspects of Facebook, but I’ll be describing soon why I find Facebook pages to be just as interesting. So far, I have only written one post about Facebook pages and it’s called Top 10 reasons to use Facebook pages.

Publishing a newsletter using Facebook

Did you know that you can use Facebook to publish your newsletter? It’s not hard, you just have to know how to create friends lists on Facebook. When you have created your friends lists, you send the newsletter or your updates to the list of friends with an interest in the topic you are writing about.


I have published a few videos about Facebook. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have grabbed the videos from YouTube and embedded them on my blog. But nonetheless, the videos are interesting and I urge you to take a closer look at them. Video of Facebook marketing with events, video of Facebook for business communication and finally a Video of how to use Facebook social ads.

Facebook marketing campaign

You might already know that I have tested a paid Facebook marketing campaign. It was about a year ago, and I was fairly satisfied. I started out writing about testing a Facebook marketing campaign, then I explained what I did before the Facebook marketing campaign, and I wrote a general post about Facebook advertising explained. After 5 days of the marketing campaign I published my thoughts on Facebook advertising day 5. I found click-through-rate at Facebook so interesting, and I wrote a post about it called Facebook Pay Per Click and CTR. I had an incredible amount of views, but I had a very low click-through-rate. But was that a problem or not?

Using Facebook for political purposes

It’s interesting to see how people and organizations are using Facebook, and it’s fascinating to see who’s on Facebook. For instance, I wrote a post about how the prime minister of Norway should be using Facebook, and I posted some thoughts about Ron Paul and the marketing campaign. It’s not really political, but I asked a question whether we should add a video of our college president on Facebook or not. We ended up doing it, and I think it was a success, but I am not really sure.

Other interesting posts about Facebook

Most of my posts about Facebook has been about Internet marketing, posts like:

Will voting on Facebook Social Ads help you?

Would you like your own Facebook?

Using Facebook for your own web conference?

Using Facebook poking to advertise

The Facebook poke and marketing

Facebook banner ads are hard to find

Facebook twitter marketing and a friend

How to use Facebook status for marketing purposes

Random posts about Facebook

I have also posted some random stuff, not just related to Internet marketing.

Now you can use Facebook chat 

Will Facebook launch a paid membership option?

Posting links in your status updates at Facebook or twitter

I guess that’s about everything I have posted about Facebook so far.

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