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Everybody is talking about Google Assassin

Did you know that the guys behind the the fastest selling ebook in Clickbank history, the Day Job Killer, a few hours ago launched something new?

If you are not familiar with the Day Job Killer, it sold over 7,000 copies upon its release in February.

I have received tons of offers already to buy Google Assassin, and that`s only minutes after the launch. Actually, I received tons of offers before the launch, regarding some video about Google Assassin, and that I just had to watch it and that this was going to be huge. I am not sure how huge it`s going to be, but that`s probably because I have not tested the product myself and I have not even bought the Day Job Killer (am I the only one?).

So, what`s all the buzz about?

one of my “beta testers” used my covert techniques to generate $470, in his first 7 days…

sounds interesting, and

a self-confessed Adwords no-hoper used my step-by-step, “covert” blueprints to bank his first $1,000 check with ClickBank.

I am impressed, and

a 28 year-old man from Ohio used my “Google war-chest” to pump out a consistent $500/month without dropping a cent on Adwords ever again. His secret? My $45,000 custom Google software told him exactly which products to promote…

From this and all the other testimonials on their sales page, the Google Assassin seems to be very interesting.

All the professional Internet marketers seems to be going nuts about it, so why not?

I am not buying, but maybe I should?

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