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How I am using Evernote for my Email

I’m in Gothenburg, at my hotel room, thinking about what I’ve been experiencing during the past days. I’ve been working with a very interesting client, and I have experienced the perfect example of how important being friendly is in business. Now, that I’m reviewing my experiences, I’m using a few different tools. My most important tool for the reviewing process is Evernote.

The reason I started using Evernote, is because I needed a system for all my notes and to capture all my ideas and thoughts. But, it all started with notes. That was it. I wrote in Evernote when I was at a meeting, and I wrote in Evernote when I was just jotting down some notes for random projects.

I believe it’s important to start small, and evolve when it feels right. That’s how I started using Evernote. I’m still only using fractions of it, but now, I’m also using Evernote for my email.

Using Evernote for Email

I have been using Sanebox to control all my email. It works great, and it’s the most powerful system I’ve used when it comes to filtering my email. But, I discovered that I needed to clear my inbox every day, because I just don’t manage to reply to every single email in 24 hours. And, I want an easy to search archive of my most important emails.

Now, when I receive an email that I need to reply to, I send it to Evernote. The same goes for email I want in my archive. In Evernote, I tag the email I need to reply to with !!today or !next if I need to reply today or sometime soon. My inbox is always empty at the end of the day, everything is processed, but I still need to reply.

The way I send my email to Evernote is by using Postbox (my email client). It automatically sends my email to Evernote by just clicking a button.

evernote email

And, it adds a link back to the email inside Evernote. So, when I want to reply to the email, I will just click on the link in Evernote, and I’m back inside Postbox and the original email message.

evernote postbox

To me, using Evernote for my email has made me more productive. I set a time when I’m processing my email inside Postbox, and I set a time when I will reply to all my email by going through my email inside Evernote. When I’m done, I just “archive” all my most important emails in Evernote. Evernote has a really powerful search engine, using it makes it very easy to find old email.

9 responses to “How I am using Evernote for my Email”

  1. Victoria says:

    This is great. Any chance I can duplicate your system on a mobile device (iPhone)? I spend a lot of time not sitting in front of my computer these days, but still need to conquer the email deluge.

  2. Dhams says:

    well, never tried it so far, as i mostly using MS exchange through outlook 🙁 but it sucks in lot of places and after reading this i surely have to try

  3. Eddie Gear says:

    Now that is a very interesting way to handle and mange your emails on a regular basis Jens. Thanks for the nice tip. I usually use evernote to keep track of the articles I need to read later. I guess there are more uses to evernote.

    • I feel that I’m in 100% control when I use Evernote for my emails. And, so far it’s working great.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Eddie.

      • Eddie Gear says:

        Do you know if this works with Outlook and also office email. You know I work for a Enterprise business and was wondering if I will be able to use corporate email along with evernote.

        • It works with every email client, because you can just forward the email to Evernote (just find your own unique evernote email address). I started doing that, but then I found Postbox and it has it integrated.

  4. Anushha says:

    I am using MS Outlook, but I am not happy with the performance and thinking of switching. I guess Evernote can be the right thing. Thanks for the share.

  5. Cole Wiebe says:

    Love Evernote. Using it together with Postbox sounds like a great combination. Thanks for the heads up.

    – Cole

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