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EventBox is Helping me to get organized

I have just installed a software called EventBox. And even though I haven’t used it more than a few days, I find it really interesting and helpful.It’s helping me to finally get organized when it comes to web 2.0 sites.Lately, I haven’t really been active at Twitter or Facebook, and that’s because, I tend to forget, and I need one application for each, or I need to log in on each website to post my messages.

This is what EventBox is helping me with. With EventBox, I only need one application for everthing. I have added Twitter and Facebook, and my RSS subscriptions, and I feel like I have full control of everything at the moment.

If you are interested, you can add other features to EventBox as well; Flickr, Pownce, Reddit and Digg. And I bet that there will be a lot of other new features really soon.

It was really easy to install it, I am not sure, but it took me probably no more than three minutes to install and add Facebook, Twitter and a few rss subscriptions to EventBox.

Instead of using 6 different application, you can use EventBox and get everything done with just one application.

There are only two problem so far. EventBox is only for Mac (not really a problem for me, because I mostly use my iMac anyway). And EventBox is not exactly free. You can download a free 30-day trial (I think it’s a 30-day trail) from their website, but if you still want to use it after this period, you’d have to pay $15 (it will soon be $20).

You can read more about EventBox and download/buy it at The Cosmic Machine.

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