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Eurosmart scam

I think it was about a year ago that I was contacted by several people. They all wanted me to join a new Norwegian based MLM called Eurosmart. This was going to make a lot of people really rich. The whole concept was based on an online shopping mall and an offline shopping mall on the border to Sweden, I think it was going to be in Sweden (but I am not sure of that).

About 15000 Norwegians have been members of Eurosmart. They have been buying and selling products from the online shopping mall, and they have bought stocks. A lot of people have bought many stocks, and with money that they couldn´t afford to lose.

So, what is happening to Eurosmart? Well, the same thing that happened to another Norwegian MLM called TP5PC. The founders have been scamming the members. Probably between 10-15 million dollars have been “hidden away” by the founders.

The company and its founders are currently under investigations, and at the same time a lot of people are in huge debts and will have big problems paying their loans.

You can read more about this in an article published earlier today (Norwegian). 

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