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How important is the environment for your results?

I’ve been away for two weeks. I haven’t worked, not for a minute. I didn’t write, not a single word. I didn’t even think about it. That’s a new experience for me, even though I’ve been taking time off before; like the time I was in Italy. Usually, I’ve been working while on vacation – but not this time.

I’ve been with my family on a vacation to Greece, and the Island of Kos. I haven’t been online for 14 days, and I haven’t read any newspapers, I didn’t watch TV; no media – nothing.

A different climate

Now, thinking about the past, remembering one of my walks at a beach, I asked myself a question.

How important is the environment for my results?

I’m not just thinking about the weather, the very hot weather. It would be a lot of adjusting and experience to get used to working in a climate that different from Norway.

Well, or so I thought.

I just got home from Greece, and the weather in Norway is just as hot. It’s not like that I’m used to a hot summer in Norway. It can get sunny, and the sun will shine until late at night. But, now, it’s about 30 degrees Celcius here, and it’s hard to stay focused at work. I’m adjusting, and I’ll either get used to it, or the temperatures hopefully will drop (soon).

Different surroundings

I discovered a different kind of house, while I was walking at the beach. I had to stop and look, every time I walked by. And, I walked by a lot. It was really different from anything I’ve seen before. I started to think about living there, and working. It would be such a dream come true. It’s hard to picture something better, it’s as close to paradise as I’ve been (I think – it’s usually the things I’ve just experienced that gets me the most excited though).

It was a boat, a big beautiful boat, in a fantastic garden, just by the sea. It got me so excited, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how it would be to live, work and play there.

living in a boat

I’m not sure if I would be any more creative or any more productive by living there.

I need to experience different surroundings every now and then, to get me thinking about new things and to start using new methods. I do think that it would be awesome living there. But, I need familiar surroundings to be able to work as hard as I’m used to. At least, that’s what’s been working for me, so far.

Different tools

I’ve been telling myself that I need different, in order to be successful. I’ve been telling myself that for many years, over and over again. That’s what I’ve been telling myself when I’ve been buying a new iPhone (I probably shouldn’t be buying a new phone, because the iPhone is killing my productivity) and that’s what I’ve been telling myself when I’ve bought a new computer. I’ve been doing the switch, because I need different and something new.

Your turn

I might have been telling myself a lie. I’m not sure.

Or maybe a combination of different, new and old is the best way to be working? I’m not sure.

Let me ask you this; what’s your view on how important the environment is for your results? Do you need different and new to be successful?

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