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Engage Your Readers with 2 Plugins


I have been away, living in a tent for a few days, thinking about life and business, and writing on a short story. When I’m offline, thinking about what I should be doing online, I always end up doing some changes. It’s like when I’m bored and I become creative.

This time I’ve added two awesome plugins and a new homepage. And it’s all part of a strategic change in blogging.

Blogging for business

Life is fantastic. I have started a business. And I am experiencing more freedom than I thought was possible.

I have been thinking a lot about my business plan and what I should be doing in order to integrate my blog into my business. What I have come up with is that I need one goal, a true purpose for my blog.

That’s mostly because in my mind, my blog has to be part of my business (because it’s one of the things I enjoy the most). I don’t need to be earning money from the blog. I might not need it to get more clients either. But, I need to find my true business purpose when it comes to blogging.

My business plan is not ready yet, in the meantime I keep adjusting my blog and testing various methods that might work for my business.

All my clients are Norwegian companies, and all communication is in Norwegian, but I am thinking that my blog will continue to be my central hub, even though I write in English. I have created a Norwegian blog for my company, but I am thinking that I’ll build two separate blogs, one in English and one in Norwegian, doing the same but in different languages.

I still don’t have a true purpose for my blog, but I know that it will be supporting my business. To me, that’s a huge step in the right direction.

Two Awesome Plugins

I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before, but while living in a tent and being offline, I figured that one of my main goals right now should be to lower the bounce rate on my blog and get people to read more of my content.

The more content they read, the more interested they’ll become and the more engagement they might help create. My business is more or less about content marketing and creating marketing strategies for businesses. And, that’s why I need to display as much of my content as possible. I don’t want people to leave after reading one of my blog posts. I really want a second chance to convince them to keep reading my posts.

I decided to install two free plugins that should help me to lower my bounce rate, and that’s exactly what happened. The bounce rate has dropped close to 10% after I installed them (you can see the plugins live just below this post):

The first plugin is nRelate related content, a plugin that shows related posts. The reason why it works is because it’s beautiful and it uses thumbnails. It’s hard to not notice it and I understand why people want to click on the related posts.

The second plugin is Where did they go from here, and it’s like what you see on Amazon when you look at a product and you see the text “people who bought this product also bought…” This plugin shows the reader not only related posts based on the content, but the other posts people who read this specific posts have read.

I have combined the two plugins to lower my bounce rate by 10%.

It works. And it’s free.

Funnel Marketing via The Homepage

I want people to read as much of my content as possible, that’s one thing I’ve realized, and I want them to return to my blog (or stay in touch with me). And after reading a blog post from the brilliant Marcus Sheridan about Funnel Marketing, I decided that I needed to do something about the design of my homepage.

My homepage used to be like most homepages, and that’s a list of my latest blog posts. I decided that since I want to get in touch with more people and build more relationships, that I need to connect with people via email. So, I’ve changed the homepage to a static page where I get people to subscribe to my newsletter.

So far, after only a few days, my conclusion is that the changes I have made is working great. A lot more people are signing up.

Highway to …

I am still looking for that one purpose for my blog, but I feel progress in every little detail. And to me, it’s all about progress.

I used to be on a small road somewhere on the countryside, and I feel that I have just turned right and entered the highway. Things are happening fast, and I need to keep changing lanes to follow my dreams.

But it’s happening, and I am having a fantastic time doing it.

Let me ask you this; do you have one goal, one purpose with your blog?

UPDATE: After several days of testing, I decided to remove the static homepage and I have uninstalled Where did they go from here.

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