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Enchantment – preparing to change the world

I have been reading a lot of books so far this summer, and I really enjoy sharing my tips with you. I only share the books I enjoy, and here are some of the books I have recently read:

Today, I want to tell you about Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki. A book about marketing, business and relationships, and self-development. It’s a book about how to define your goals, and what better way to do it, than to enchant people.


Why do we want to enchant people and how do we do it? It’s not about manipulating people, even though, if you’ll end up with enchanting people, you’ll get your way. They’ll end up in your tribe, and they’ll end up becoming raving fans – a lot like Guy Kawasaki describes when he describes his personal relationship with Apple.

The start of the book says it all;

“This book is for people who see life for what it can be rather than what it can’t. They are bringing to market a cause – that is, a product, service, organization, or idea – that can make the world a better place.”

I especially enjoy the personal stories from Guy Kawasaki, he describes his own experiences, from how he is creating his presentations (tips on how to make your powerpoint stand out, even though you’ve been doing the same presentation 1000 times), to how to achieve likability.

Enchantment is a book for leaders as it is a book for followers. To me, this book is a guide, like Amazing Things Will happen, is a guide to help us become successful doing what we love doing, and preparing to change the world.

I really enjoy the many personal examples from “ordinary” people who’ve added their stories of how they have experience enchantment, at the end of each chapter. This way, we can learn about all the small details that can make a huge impact. Sometimes it’s about the perfect handshake, other times it’s about using the right words, or helping a customer in need. Or who Richard Branson polished Guy Kawasaki’s shoes and doing so, turned him into a Virgin America customer for life.

There are so many fascinating stories inside Enchantment (aff. link), and the book is easy to read for everyone – no matter what you’re looking for in life. So, if you’re a person who see life for what it can be rather than what it can’t, you should read Enchantment (aff. link) and stop waiting, and start doing something about it.

52 responses to “Enchantment – preparing to change the world”

  1. web maroc says:

    Enchantment is one of the charm that can happen to any one in his or her life…. in this respect what i can say is that i find this book very interesting and very good…. so really i”m so happy to read that …. this day when i open this page i enjoy reading because you topics catch my attention .

  2. Hanque Amundsen says:

    Enchantment was the word that Don Quixote used to explain why someone did not act according to how he thought they ought. It was meant as an excuse for not doing what was expected.

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