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The Effects of Coca-Cola

I simply love Coca-Cola. Drinking it, makes me feel alive, and it makes me feel that I’m doing something I shouldn’t.

It’s exciting.

At times, I drink more Coca-Cola than water. I’m not proud of this fact, but it’s more or less a confession. It’s probably because sometimes I even think about Coca-Cola when drinking water.

There are probably many reasons why I shouldn’t be drinking it. For instance, I’ve read that you can clean toilets by pouring a can of coke down it and leaving it for 1 hour, and I’ve also read that you can use it to help remove grease stains and loosen rusty bolts. There are a lot of interesting facts about Coca-Cola, at least I’m happy that I’m not an egg.


Drinking Coca-Cola makes me feel young. It’s because of all the arousing looks Coca-Cola drinkers receive from women, and drinking it makes me feel sexy.

But it’s also because drinking it reminds me how it felt like when I was playing video games. It was an awesome feeling. It felt like I was controlling the world. Yes. It also felt like I was making the world a better place.

At times it felt like Coca-Cola was super-human, and other times it felt like Coca-Cola was the only real thing on the planet. It was amazing, I was having wonderful dreams about Coca-Cola.

It’s hard to resist, they’ve even got one of my favorite bands helping out.

They’ve made Coca-Cola my friend, sort of a member of the family, and not just a regular soda.

I still love watching Coca-Cola at Christmas time. It’s not all about the gifts and the amazing food, and time with the family.

I still remember the Can’t Beat The Feeling song, and the real thing. It was the eighties, but it feels like yesterday.


Coca-Cola helps creativity, and it makes me laugh.

Just thinking about it makes me thirsty.

No wonder why I can’t forget their slogan, Always Coca-Cola.

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