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Effective Content Marketing

This is a guest post by Daniel Vassiliou:

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We all know the importance of content marketing for our own, or our clients, website’s SEO success. The question is, how are we able to maximise our content marketing, to not only improve the rankings of the sites we are promoting, but also gain traffic and niche authority as well? There are a number of things we must take into account when we look to promote our content and when we are working out our content marketing strategies should we want them to run as effectively as possible.

What Is Niche Authority?

This is the authority your company has within its own niche. If you are an accountant, how much of your content has been published on prestigious and well read blogs and news sites that are visited by large amounts of your peers within the accountancy world? Niche authority adds credibility to your business when you are looking to gain clients as you are able to truthfully put your business forward as an authority within your niche due to the exposure of information that has come from your company, and been promoted to your peers and competitors. Niche authority is an important part of your company’s overall brand authority. You cannot think SEO strategy now without considering your websites online brand authority. Google loves strong authoritative brands.

Where Can My Content Get Me The best Results?

There are a number of avenues available to SEO agencies and those managing the online promotion of other websites, who want to gain strong niche authority, traffic and overall assist their brand authority and domain strength with their content marketing.

Guest Posting

Like I am doing here in this post, promoting information to those within my field of expertise, helping to get people to look at the value of effective content marketing. I will gain the benefits of a valuable link to assist in my sites rankings through the authority of this site. I will also get my information out to the readers of this site, maybe gaining some new Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections, all very important to my social media marketing. I also have a valuable example of my work online to show any potential clients who are curious as to my pedigree and credibility.

Press Releases

These are great as long as you have something genuinely news worthy to write about and release. Do not fall into the trap of trying to gain links from various distribution sites, as the link value is no longer there to make this strategy worthwhile. I always think it best to contact various news agencies and publications first to see if they think your potential news item is going to be worthy of being published at all. If you get positive feedback here it is then worth pursuing this idea further, obviously making sure you personally distribute the release to those who have approved the potential of your news item previously. A successful press release will help your site get a lot of traffic, and maybe even further media attention down the line.


These are a great way to discuss your business without worrying about whether or not you are being too over promotional. You of course have to pay, but can stipulate directly why your company is the best at what it does, or why what it offers is so important to those who will be reading the publication or blog the advertorial is in. You can also target particular media this way without having to beg and plead for room to post your content into, (not that this blog made me beg and plead…..too much).

Customer reviews

These are gold dust and should be courted at every opportunity from your clients. Not just for you to place on your own website, social media or Google + page, but for them to place on their own site. It looks so much more authentic being praised from another person’s site. These are great and can also be optimised as you would using onsite seo techniques, as long as they are happy to go this far, to rank within Google and be offered by you to any new clients enhancing your credibility, together with your company’s overall authority online and in your clients eyes.

Further Tips & Pointers

There are many other things you can do with your content to make sure that it proves to be as successful for your business as it possibly can be. Following are a list of tips that can act as a checklist for any future content promotion you undertake.

Make sure you do some keyword research before writing your article or guest post. A blog you want to post on will be more accepting if they think you are going to write a piece that will rank well for their website or blog. Look for low competition keywords as you would for ranking your own sites pages. Make sure titles contain the targeted keywords in them too.

Optimise the page of content, as stated before but this is important, you are submitting as much as possible. Keywords in titles, informative content that relates to the chosen keyword etc.

Do not waffle and make sure your research is spot on. If you only have 300 words to write, then let that be it. Do not get sucked into writing more than is necessary trying to make a guest post or press release engaging and readable. Facts should be truthful and easy to prove correct from a quick Google search or link. Obviously grammar and spelling are to be thoroughly checked. Spell checkers on kill!!

Promote all content through your social media circles. The more people visiting and reading your content, the more value it will have in Google’s eyes, and the more authority it will add to your brand on and off line. The blog owner will also be happier if he knows that extra readers may be hitting his blogs pages thanks to you. You also want to monitor any social media interaction from the content you have written because part of the benefits of posting on new sites is to gain an increased social media audience. This will make your next piece of content have that bit larger audience to promote to next time.

Do not waste your time posting content on sites with a low Domain Authority and little social media interaction just to gain a link. Alarm bells should ring if you see posts in a blog with only a couple of likes or tweets. I know this may seem snobby, but you want to gain a strong link for your website and also increase your social media platforms fan bases. To post content on a site that will not offer any of this is going to be a waste of time long term. Content will also struggle to get ranked on Google from these sites because they will not have the authority to receive that respect from Google in the first place. This may seem harsh, but you want your content associated with strong authority sites who will enhance you own companies reputation. (Notice all these veiled compliments editing team?)

What Does This Mean For My Content Marketing?

Good content is very valuable to any site nowadays. Google has made it a prerequisite for a site to rank well. Make sure that you promote it with caution and get the “biggest bang for your buck” with it.

It is good manners, really, to do some keyword research and also make sure what you are looking to write about has not already been covered on the blog you wish to post on, or been distributed a thousand times through the distribution agencies you are looking to send your press release through.

It only makes sense to help the content you have written get as many views, likes, re-tweets etc as possible because this will in turn help raise the authority of the link you gain and also the profile of that content online.

Offer to assist customers in enhancing and optimising any reviews they are happy to give you freely. Brand authority is a big thing for all businesses looking to trade online. Niche authority is an important factor in gaining that brand authority. Credibility with your potential clients is tied into your companies brand and therefore niche authority a great deal.

It can therefore be seen as vital you take on board the information I have written here, and make sure any future content marketing strategy you are involved with follows it. Just one successful guest post or press release can grow your business by a large amount, and also grow your online reputation and authority.

Daniel VassiliouDaniel Vassiliou has been involved with SEO and online marketing for over 12 years now, and is CEO of Endurance Seo . He is an advocate of Proper Company Promotion, (P.C.P), and looks to make any internet marketing strategies as effective and likely to succeed as possible. You can contact Daniel on the above link or through the London arm of his business here

17 responses to “Effective Content Marketing”

  1. maksan says:

    Interesting news . It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Daniel, Welcome to Sly Marketing! You list great methods of content marketing. The one I think is most effective of your list is customer reviews. Nothing gets me more excited about a product or service than enthusiastic customer reviews.

    But not all customer reviews are positive. What impresses me about negative reviews is when the company responds to the reviewer, showing that the company cares about its customers.

    Thanks for sharing your advice and wisdom here, Daniel.

    • Thanks Carolyn. Reputation Management is huge , and will continue to grow the more we gain our influence from the internet. Positive reviews and company information are massively important to companies of all sizes now.

  3. Jack says:

    all the things you shared about effective content marketing are really good such as niche authority, guest posting, and press release.

  4. Using content as a means to increase exposure and credibility online is a great online marketing strategy if done correctly. You must have a well-written, fresh and interesting content that are certainly new to the sense of the readers so that they will be awaken of knowing is this all about.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Ah, welcome to Jens place. Content marketing, one of our favorite subjects.

    Now I admit not being a big SEO gal myself. Yeah, Jens knows that about me. I write pretty much for my readers and because I have a good following my content gets shared a lot. Sure, I could do more along the SEO factors and probably get it out there in front of so many more people. That freaks me out though because of all the rules that continue to change with it. I also don’t do enough guest posting but that’s okay.

    Like Carolyn, I will admit that I also enjoy reviews. Honest ones for sure and when they’re written by people that I know then I appreciate them even more because I know they’re giving me the real goods in their own opinion. Good or bad.

    Great list here and thanks for sharing these with us.

    You guys have a great week.


  6. Riza says:

    Hi, Daniel!
    Saw your post on the IM Social Networking site, You raised some interesting points so I decided to leave the following comment:

    Content marketing only becomes effective after you see the results. You know what results I’m talking about so if the results are scanty, then your content marketing isn’t being effective.

    And speaking of results, one surefire way to know, which is mentioned in the article, is through consumer reviews. In my opinion, nothing beats hearing it directly from them.

  7. Kevin says:

    Advertorials… haven’t heard of that one before, although after figuring out what it is I realized I already knew- I just didn’t know that was the name. Anyway, they seem like a good alternative when a press release isn’t quite right. I see press releases mentioned a lot but honestly I don’t think they fit for most businesses.

  8. Excellent post Daniel! You really had shown here some great strategies on content marketing. Really effective and must follow methods for every SEO. Nice share!!

  9. mr alexis says:

    Good content is always needed.The more your content is relevant and good the more your writing is successful!! This is really necessary.We all know the importance of content marketing for our own, or our clients, website’s SEO success.

  10. marinacarlos says:

    As we know, blogging as a process needs our time and patience so one of the important elements in that process is choosing teh right content at teh appropriate time.Also we have to choose the right heading!!!

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