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Edit Your Most Popular Blog Posts

I have decided to do another test and it’s related to my 10 most popular blog posts. There are two things I have done.

The blog posts get a lot of traffic from search engines, and from Facebook and Twitter. I don’t want to do a lot of editing, because if I do, they can end up losing traffic (especially from the search engines) instead, because of the changes I’ve made.

Making the blog posts more personal

First, I want to make the blog posts more personal. I’ll add a picture of me, a small one to each of the 10 blog posts. Hopefully, this will make it more interesting to read, because now the reader will see how the author looks like. I don’t know if this will have any effect, but to me this sounds like an interesting test.

Related links

Second, I have added a link to another related blog post, I’ve added it close to the top of the popular blog post, inside the text. I’ve just added it to the blog posts about Facebook. I’m testing it by adding a link to my review of Facebook Ads Guide. It’s relevant, and it’s a product I endorse.

An example

Here’s an example of how I’ve done it, it’s my blog post about how to create friends lists on Facebook.

What do you think, will the image and the link have any effect?

8 responses to “Edit Your Most Popular Blog Posts”

  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Hi Jens, glad you share this info, this is what I’m talking about because I dont know how to edit my favorite Blog post but now I know what I’m going to do..

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