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Ebook Business In A Box

I have been receiving a few messages about the brand new system from Ewen Chia called Ebook Business In A Box. As always, the sales page looks stunning and the system seems to be something you just got to have if you want to earn money online.

Visit the sales page of Ebook Business In A Box

According to the sales page it’s a plug-and-play system where you’ll get 10 automatic income streams.

I really don’t know what this is all about, other than from what I have read at the sales page. To me it seems to be a system where you brand your affiliate links inside the Ebook called “Ebook Money Machine”. And you get the advertising toolkit, with graphics, keywords and sales letter.

It looks interesting (as always), but I don’t know how interesting it really is before I read “Ebook Money Machine”.

According to the sales page, Ebook Business In A Box is very limited…

Hmm, that makes me wonder, how limited is very limited?

2 responses to “Ebook Business In A Box”

  1. Vance Hallman says:

    Digged this blog. Great article on Squidoo. Can’t wait to try it for my new venture!! I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Vance,

    Thanks for the digg and for the kind words.

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