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eBay versus Google

This is going to be interesting. eBay has recently banned the use of Google Checkout. The reason seems kind of obvious. eBay owns PayPal and Google Checkout is their new rival.

But will banning the use of Google Checkout help? Well, it might, but my guess is that this will backfire. This could bring lawsuites in the future, still guessing here. But to me this is just like Microsoft forcing us to use Internet Explorer or Mediaplayer with Windows, even worse. We can download any program we want with Windows, but it´s preinstalled with IE and Mediaplayer. With eBay we are not able to chose what we prefer to use.

Is Google Checkout any good? I have no idea, it´s only available in the US. That might be why eBay has banned the use of Google Checkout. At least that might be their excuse 🙂

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  1. Drew Olanoff says:

    I’ll be there, can’t wait!!!

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