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EasyTrafficBar and AddThis

Today I decided to test two new “features” at my blog. I am not sure how long I will be doing this test, but probably a week or so. The first feature is called EasyTrafficBar and you can see it at the top. This is a way to get a lot more traffic to my sites (if it works). You install it and you write a text ad and start referring people. Your text ad will then show on all the sites of your downline, and of course you will have to show text ads from your upline.

I am not sure what I think about it yet, if it´s interesting and useful or if it´s just annoying. But I think that it can work, and you can get a lot more traffic this way…. but is it worth it?

The second new feature is called AddThis, and it´s a bookmark tool. I have placed it just below every headline of my posts. If you find any post to be interesting and something you would like to bookmark, then just click on the button and bookmark the post with Digg, Reddit or any other bookmark software. I think that AddThis will stay with me for a while, it looks great and it seems to be working really well.

Both the two new tools are free to use.

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  1. Stu Smith says:

    First off, a disclaimer: I’m one of the authors of FeedGhost, so take this as a biased comment. Also I hope you’ll excuse me if I combine my comments for this post and the one about suggested RSS readers into one.

    FeedGhost grew from our dissatisfaction of the feed readers then available, and we set out to produce “the” reader that would keep us happy (and we’re pretty picky).

    We offer a modern-looking reader with all the features you’ve come to expect: synchronization, tagging, search, email links and the popular ‘river-of-news’ style of reading (you can read all your news using literally one key).

    In a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing an extension to the tagging system that will allow users to create their own link feeds that anyone can subscribe to. In the future we’ll allow users to create their own blog posts – giving instant blog reading and writing capabilities from one application.

    So why should you pay for FeedGhost (or any other non-free piece of software for that matter)? Because…

    * We can offer services that can’t be created just via an injection of spare time: our synchronization and link blog services need hosting and bandwidth, and that costs real money.
    * You can expect replies to any questions or problems you might have. We’re working on FeedGhost full-time, we have several methods of contact available on our website: you will get a reply.
    * We have bills to pay. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but just as with any software company, without money coming in we can’t keep producing software.

    Give us a try! We think you’ll be impressed. You can try FeedGhost for a month absolutely free.

    Stu Smith

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