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Easy Way to Get New Stumbles at StumbleUpon

I have been using StumbleUpon a while, but I haven’t been as active as I probably should have been in order to generate massive traffic from their service. I get a stumble now and then, and I get new fans now and then, and I am fairly satisfied with what I have achieved so far.

But I discovered something interesting a few days ago, and this is a new way to get more stumbles, which means more traffic, from StumbleUpon.

I should probably have published some screen shots, in order for you to understand what I am trying to explain here, but because I am writing this right now and I have only about 10 minutes to finish it, well, the screenshots have to be published sometimes later.

Now, this technique to get stumbles is for people who have installed the StumbleUpon toolbar. Once in a while, at least for the past week, I have received a number next to the logo and Stumble! (at the far left of the toolbar).

When I click on the number (or Stumble!) I will be redirected to a website and I will receive a message from one of my “friends” at StumbleUpon. Usually, this message is something like; please stumble this post.

When you receive “private” messages like that, I always stumble them. And I think that most people will do the same, at least if they receive as few messages as I have recieved. So, sending “private” messages to your “friends” at StumbleUpon is a way to get new stumbles.

It’s very easy.

Just go to the post of your choice. Click on send to in the StumbleUpon toolbar, find the person who you want to send it to, and then write a message.

I am not sure how many times you can do this and when it will be considered as spam. I have only done this a few times, and it seems to work. Instead of stumbling your own posts, you might want to try this.

One response to “Easy Way to Get New Stumbles at StumbleUpon”

  1. Weeb says:

    Not sure this works anymore to be honest. I’ve tried using the tools you suggested and they don’t work. Any more recent update to this?

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