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Easy to earn money with Wordstormer?

This morning, just about an hour after I woke up, I checked my email and found an intersting offer. It was an offer regarding a software called wordstormer. The concept is really simple. Install it on your site and sell words with links, you decide the price. Eventually you will get a site with many words in different sizes and different colours, with links to various programs.

I have seen several sites with this script before (or at least a script similar to wordstormer). And the script was very cheap, so I spent about 5 minutes to read about it before I bought it. I think it’s possible to earn money from this, especially if you have a site with many visitors. But I thought that I might be using it a little different. Not to earn money, but to gain friends/partners.

I thought that I should offer all my contacts a free word with link (or maybe several free ones), and the only words I will charge for are the really big ones. But I haven’t really decided what to do just yet.

If you are interested, visit Wordstormer yourself and find out how it works.

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