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Earning Money Online With Forex

I have talked to a few people who say they earn a lot of money with Forex and that Forex is the way to go if you want to be successful online. I have actually no idea how Forex works other than that Forex is a “system” where you trade one currency for another. For example, you have USD and you buy Euro. For you to earn money, the Euro have to be cheap and then after you have bought it (when you want to sell it) it should be high or at least higher than when you bought it.

I don´t know that this is how it works for sure, but this is how I think it works. I think that it works much like stocks, you buy stocks and you sell them when the price is higher than when you bought them, and this is how you earn the money. For more details about what Forex, you can check out Wikipedia.

But how can a newbie earn money from Forex? Is it as easy as the people I have talked to say? To me it looks and sounds difficult. I have no clue when a currency is cheap and when it´s expensive. There are many systems for this, and they might be very helpful (but I don´t know this for sure). To earn an income online / or at least a few hundred Dollars a month, I would think that you have to invest a large sum of money.

It doesn´t seem to me that Forex is for everybody. If it´s close to what you do with stocks, you would have to invest too much to earn enough for it to be considered an income / or the few hundred Dollars a month. But again, I am just speculating here. With Forex you probably don´t need the skill to promote anything online and you might not need a website. So, if you don´t like writing and spending time marketing, well, Forex might be something to consider?

Here are some more or less good sites regarding Forex in general and Forex systems you can use:

7 responses to “Earning Money Online With Forex”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Depends on the product/service 😉

  2. Jens says:

    I am going to post a lot about my new business / service in the days and weeks ahead.

    What I am going to launch is a place where people can post their ads for anything related to online marketing and a place where they can get an overview and find exactly what they are looking for (when it comes to online marketing).

    You will get all the details soon 🙂

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