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Earning Money With FeedBurner

I have been seeing ads in feeds for a long time already and I have been wondering if that’s a way to earn money for bloggers. I haven’t incorporated any ads myself yet, but I might someday soon. I have at least three questions regarding this.

First, is it annoying for the reader to see ads in a feed? I don’t personally think so, at least not the ads that I have seen. You can barely see them at the bottom.

Second, I am not sure if you can earn a lot of money from it though, how many people are clicking on that kind of ads? You could probably put ads to your own programs or services in your feed, but I am not sure how to.

Third, I am using FeedBurner to handle my feeds and subscribers. To be able to put ads in my feeds I have to apply to FeedBurner to join their ad network. And the condition to join is based upon “a variety of variables such as how long FeedBurner has managed your feed, your subscribership size and consistency, and frequency of content publication.” I am not sure what they mean by “your subscibership” – how many people have to be subscribers for me to get accepted?

I don’t like secrecy and personally I think that FeedBurner should have a more open policy regarding the variable on if you get accepted or not.

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