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Earn Money With One Time Offers

Today I actually bought something that cost me $67 after only five minutes. Yes, I signed up for free and then I read and (I think) I understood the system in about five minutes, after that I just had to buy it. I am usually not in a hurry, but somehow today was different. The funny thing is that I didn´t need to be in a hurry, but something inside of me told me that this system was right – I just stopped thinking and … bought it.

The system was released today (to my knowledge) and I have received about 10 e-mails from different people about the system already. The name of the system is OTO Gold Mine. What it does (and this is a very simple explanation from me) is that it helps you make one time offers that people can´t resist. And the system does it all for you.

A lot of people don´t understand the value of a 404 error site. When people come to your site through a bad url, they just get an error message saying that the url doesn´t exist. You get no information other than that – and believe me – many people will end up at a 404 error page. Why not give them an offer they just can´t say no to? And what about people subscribing to your newsletter? The thank you for subscribing page, why not make them an offer too?

With this OTO Gold Mine system you can make a lot of various One Time Offers – ranging from $19 to $67. When people buy, you will get the commissions. It´s completely automated and you can set it up in a few minutes (at least I did that).

It´s completely free to join, but I upgraded in about five minutes and why did I do that? Because with a free account you will only be able to create 1 campaign and you will only earn commissions on direct referrals. With an upgraded account (costs $67 as a one time fee) you can create 15 campaigns and you will earn commissions on 2 levels (if I have understood what´s written in the backoffice).

What I was thinking when I bought this system is that I only have to make $68 to be in profit, and I am sure that I will earn more than that. The system uses clickbank and you should have an account there to be able to earn commissions from it.

Update: Click here to see my 404 error page created automatically with OTO Gold Mine.

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