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Earn Money With Auction Ads

Earlier today I received an e-mail from Patrick Gavin the President at Text Link Ads, the e-mail was regarding a new program / site that was launched on March 6 (at least I think that this was the date). The e-mail started with the following words:

We are happy to announce that your website has been pre approved at!

I have never heard of Auction Ads before, but after reading the rest of the e-mail it got my attention. In just a few words, AuctionAds allows you to monetize your website by displaying live eBay auctions that match the content of your website.

Yes, this is why it got my attention. A lot of people use eBay, so why not? I signed up and now you can see an example of Auction Ads in my sidebar (at the top). It’s free to sign up and it doesn’t cost you anything to be a member. I have no idea if it’s easy to earn money with Auction Ads, I only know that it was really easy to install the code I needed for my blog.

I have not read all I probably should have read just yet, but I think that to earn money people would have to buy a product at eBay from clicking on your site in order for us to earn any money, and there’s also an affiliate program. You will automatically become an affiliate of Auction Ads when you sign up as a publisher.

Visit if you are interested.

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