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Early Access to the New Oprius Website

I tested Oprius a while ago and their service was something that all people involved in multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing should at least try. I am not sure what I should call their service, so it’s probably better that I try to explain it.

It’s all online, you don’t have to download anything to your computer (and it seems to work on all browsers that I have tested). It consists of five parts; calendar, contacts, e-mail, tasks and calls. You can probably say that their service is an online contact system, with a way to keep track of what you do online.

With contacts, you keep track of all your contacts and their contact information. The e-mail service lets you send e-mail directly from the system and it has all the features that regular e-mail clients have, even sending to lists (the listmailer). Calls will keep track of all the phone calls that you have scheduled. The calendar will help you with combining all your tasks to specific dates. The tasks tool will keep track of all your tasks.

Oprius is launching this new service at the 2007 MLMIA Top Distributors Retreat in Newport Beach, California this Friday (August 17). If you would like to test it before they go live, I have been granted an access code that you can use.

*** Your early access code is 41873 ***

Use it at


3 responses to “Early Access to the New Oprius Website”

  1. Josh Garner says:

    I once worked for a company that would place those old school “hit counters” at the bottom of the page. It was policy to start the number at something higher than 250 hits. Unfortunately, this often worked. People are comfortable not having to put themselves out. It’s much easier to buy into a product or service when many others already have, than to risk purchasing something from someone nobody has ever seen before.

  2. Natalie says:

    How can you up the number of RSS readers on your site besides paying them?

  3. Fubiz says:

    Agree. Don’t lie about your readers.

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