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E-mail ads: Email Marketing Course

I am not involved with this at all. This is only an ad that was sent to me and I am republishing it to my site… I have no clue if this is a scam or not, please visit/join at your own risk.

Hi [[firstname]],

I’ve been a big fan of resale rights
lately. If you got the ‘correct’ resale
rights product to sell, it’s like
having the ‘license to print money’.

One of the home run resale rights
products I’ve bought last time was the
Profit Loop System Advance Email
Marketing. And now…

You can have that as well for a portion
of the price I’ve willingly paid!

On top of that, I’m offering an unbelievable
bonus for the first 15 orders.

Here’s the extra mile that I’m going to
do… I’ll co-create a brand new product with
you and you can name it anything you want.

Basically, it’s YOURS.

And you’ll put your name on it as the
product co-creator.

But this bonus is open for the first
10 customers only because it’s very
time-driven for me to fulfill.

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  1. Juergen says:

    Hi, this is Juergen from Austria. I joined and ordered on juli 9th and got the juice already on juli 21th here in austria. It tastes very well and all I can do is to recommend it. thank you, wish you all the best!

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