What I drink is part of my work routine

I drink water when I’m thirsty, and I drink two glasses of water for breakfast and for dinner. But, I enjoy coca-cola zero. I probably enjoy drinking coca-cola zero more than any other drink. Drinking it has become a habit. I know that I should be drinking more water, and I do drink water every single day, but to me, coca-cola zero tastes better.

I don’t think that I enjoy coca-cola zero, just because of their marketing. Their latest marketing campaign; share a coke with (add a name), is remarkable.

I don’t drink more coca-cola zero because of the campaign, but I think about it more, and I talk about it more.

What I really want to be drinking is tea. To me, tea is calmness, and tea is mindfulness. Tea adds energy and it adds something to my mind and body that it’s hard to explain.

On the other hand, I really enjoy coca-cola marketing and I will probably always drink coca-cola zero when I’m eating pizza and when I’m eating potato chips.

You’re probably know asking yourself why I am writing about what I’m drinking. And, the reason is this. I have added drinking to my routines, and I drink coca-cola zero only when I am consuming, like eating potato chips or pizza, or watching a movie and being entertained. I drink water when I am thirsty. And, I am drinking tea when I am working and creating something.

What I’m talking about is enjoying every moment and understanding the importance of adding the right ingredients to your recipe.

When I’m eating pizza, that’s what I’m doing. I’m just enjoying my food. I’m thirsty, it feels good with “the right drink”. When I’m eating breakfast, I’m starting my day, and I need that extra boost. When I’m reading a book, I need calmness. When I’m working, I need to stay focused, and I need to be creative.

To me, tea is what helps my mind stay in shape. It’s part of a habit. And the reason is that it’s a process to make tea, it’s not ready in a bottle.

how i make tea

And I always think about where the tea comes from, how it was made, how the tea leaves was picked, and the tea ceremony that consists in many countries and in many homes.

I feel that I’m part of something special and that by adding it to my daily routine, I’m part of a movement, not just a lone nut doing my work.



  1. You’re a man after my own heart Jens.

    I enjoy Coke Zero too and prefer the taste to water. I know too that I should be drinking water instead at the time I’m drinking Coke but I still prefer it!

    I’m not so big on tea though. The rest of my family love the stuff but I’m more of a coffee drinker.

    I hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

  2. Hi Jens,

    In the UK tea is quite common :) What varieties of tea do you drink? Do you use tea bags or loose tea? I have a post on my personal blog (benbarden.com) where I write about how you can use an empty tea bag to make loose tea much more easily. I find the quality of loose tea is much better than tea bags.

  3. Well Jens, I’m just a water drinker. Do I like it? Not really but probably about 27 years ago I went to Weight Watchers with my then husband because he wanted to lose some weight. I use to drink a lot of diet cokes, probably about 5 a day. Yep, I did love my diet cokes.

    When I learned how much sodium was in just one I decided to stop drinking them. I lost 9 pounds the first week and never picked another one up. I just know it’s really good for you and I’m so use to it now that it’s no big deal. It’s boring but that’s okay.

    No soft drinks for me anymore unless it’s mixed with alcohol. It’s all what you get used to.


  4. I\’m on a Glaceau Smart Water kick lately, because I love spending the big bucks on water. Actually, it was doctor-recommended to increase a low sodium issue. Never have been a soft drink or sport drink lover, but I find that a glass of New Zealnd sauvignon blanc is nice when I’m in a creative mode, aprés 6pm. Coincidentally, I just posted today to my blog about Pairing Art with Wine. Enjoyed a look into your fridge, thanks!

  5. A lot of tea fans in the house.

    For me the biggest drawback to tea is that it doesn’t mix well with rum.

    And when it comes to rum, I actually prefer Pepsi over Coke. Vodka and Dr. Pepper is pretty good, too. OK – I definitely have a sweet tooth.

    But I don’t apologize for it and I don’t believe anyone should feel guilty for drinking what they enjoy. Obviously there needs to be a balance, but as long as you’re not downing a couple of 2 liter bottles everyday, you’re probably going to be just fine.

    From a U.S. perspective, I think couches and cubicles are bigger culprits when it comes to rising diabetes rates than soft drinks.

  6. Sheeza Malik

    Hi Jens, I would rather have a cup of coffee instead of drinking so cold drinks. Coffee gives me new strength and hopes to achieve the goals of my day. But, will try to follow your drink during my work, hope to get awesome results.


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