Do you want to attract more followers on twitter? Well, if you are, you can download the brand new twitter banners right here. They are not official, I paid the best designer I know to create them for me. Now, I am giving them away for free.

This is exactly the same as I did with the facebook banners.

All I ask of you is, if you want to share the banners, please link to this post.

Just right click on the image and press save target as…


125 x 125 px

250 x 250 px

468 x 60 px

120 x 160 px

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  1. I cant see the twitter banners to download! Any ideas???

  2. Hi Ian,

    Sorry about that. I have moved the banners back, I wasn't aware of this. Everything should be working now.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hi Ian
    Thanks for the great Banners Drop into my site any time you want!