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Dos and Don’ts of Online Political Campaign Marketing

Internet is the new political arena and campaign managers are flodding the web with information about political elections and party information. How should they really behaving online, how should they really be marketing their views and their politics?

According to Dummocrats there are several important Dos and DonĀ“ts, here are the first two:

1. Don’t spam. Ever. This is the cardinal rule. If you spam, be prepared for a huge backlash that will dwarf any positive gains from your unwanted emails. Yes, it’s legal for political campaigns to spam (CAN-SPAM states, somewhat ironically, that politicians can, in fact, spam), but that doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it good marketing. When you go online, you play by the online rules. And, in the online world, a spammer is about the lowest form of life.

2. Do, however, consider emailing bloggers individually. A caveat here, by “individually” I really mean individually, not by putting a different name in the “to” field. Target bloggers who share your geography or specific ideology. For example, I wouldn’t be offended if someone from the staff of the Republican candidate in my congressional district emailed me individually. I’d be flattered.

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