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Don’t you just hate this?

A few minutes ago I found a very interesting e-book that I have been thinking of buying for a long time. Now, I found a great offer, and I thought I’d buy it. The offer was a lot better than I had seen before. Everything fine so far.

What I don’t like is this. The sales page says “instant download”, but when I pay with PayPal I receive a thank you page saying that I will be contacted within 24 hours. My first response to this is “What the …..!” Why does it says instant download when it’s not? I am not sure if I would have bought the e-book if I knew that I had to wait 24 hours for the e-book.

Not that this is a big problem for me, I can always wait a little for the e-book – but I guess I don’t trust people enough to wait for my e-book to arrive. Hopefully I won’t get dissapointed tomorrow.

My tip to you is NEVER put “instant download” on your sales page if it’s not an instant download. People like myself will not be happy 🙂

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