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Does your Job Title matter?

I am sitting here in my office, the door is closed and my kids are running around just outside and doing all they can to make me stop writing. They want to play and they won`t stop running and making this incredible noise before I stop writing, open my door and join them. Therefore, today`s post will not be a long one, but it will be one that will be about an interesting question and an interesting solution to the question.

Does your job title matter?

By job title I am thinking about the title you have at your job, you can be a consultant, a secretary or whatever. There are probably hundreds of different job titles and I am not familiar with all of them, you can have either one. The reason you have a title is probably because the title is related to how much money you are earning and what kind of work you do.

Sometimes the title of your job is there to show people how cool job you really got. Sometimes it`s there to show people that your job really sucks. Sometimes we want everybody to know about the title, sometimes we want to hide it somewhere nobody can ever find it.

So, I guess it does matter. If it didn`t why are we so “obsessed” by it? If people ask you who you are, most likely you will tell them about your job and if you like your job, you will probably tell them your job title. If you don`t like it, you will probably make some excuse and tell them about what you do instead of your actual title.

Your job title matters, but not to your parents

It might matter when you are representing your job, and it might matter when you are talking to people you don`t really know. But to the people that matters the most, your job title won`t matter. Well, my folks never understand what I do anyway, so my job title might matter to them… if they just could remember it, they could tell their friends my job title and that would be it.

What if you have a boring job title?

I would change it if I didn`t like it. In many jobs, like government jobs, it`s close to impossible to change your job title. But why should it be so formal, just change it when you talk to people, change it in your signature file in your email. Change it where people see the changes, it doesn`t need to be on your paycheck. Your boss won`t care (well, it all depends on if your boss got humor).

Find a funny title and stick to it. Here are some you can use (I found them somewhere):

You should make it funny, so people understand that you are just kidding. This way they will forget your “old title”, they will notice you and think of you as a funny and interesting person. Well, at least I would think of you this way.

This post was actually a lot longer than I thought it would be. I guess my kids didn`t stop me this time, but now it`s time to play.

10 responses to “Does your Job Title matter?”

  1. Matt says:

    As a Wikipedian who knows how Wikipedia works and what it is meant for, all I can say is: No.

    Wikipedia is not for advertising. Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia. To put it bluntly, ask yourself this question? Are you, or whatever you are trying to market, worthy of being in an Encyclopedia? The answer is most likely no.

    As for notability, here is a better definition. To be notable, there has to be something written about you or your product BESIDES yourself. In other words, you need to be reviewed from an outside source, have a news story about you, or something along these lines. Having a blog about yourself or your product does not make you notable.

    So, to sum this up: Please do not use Wikipedia as a marketing technique. You will have something to lose. Your time. Because pages you write about yourself will be deleted, quickly. It also wastes the time of Wikipedians who have to read through spam because you thought you were important enough to be included in an Encyclopedia, and then delete it.

    So sorry to counteract everything this guy just said. Wikipedia is NOT for marketing or promotion.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank for you comment. I didn´t mean that people should lie or do something “illegal” in order to get a page at Wikipedia. I was only suggesting that people should think twice about themselves and maybe try it if they think that it might work.

    But I certainly agree with you, Wikipedia is not for advertising in general. That´s why the information in Wikipedia should not be advertising but the true story of “your” life.

  3. Joe Anderson says:

    Jens: That doesn’t matter. You need to be notable and true too, being truthful in the article isn’t enough! Odds are you’ll get deleted otherwise.

  4. Jens says:

    Hi Joe,

    Yes I agree with you, I think I did a poor job in explaining what my thoughts regarind Wikipedia are. I tried to say that “you have to be notable accoring to the Wikipedia definition in order to be accepted”.


  5. Jens says:

    Hi Srl

    I agree with you, I guess sometimes I am a bit too creative for my own good 🙂

  6. Justin Wright says:

    It sucks that you have to be a “notable” person to be listed in it. Who’s to say someone is notable?

    If you donated half your time to a charity every week, are you notable?

    I think so, but I guess some would disagree based on what it is you are notable for in the first place.

  7. J Golby says:

    I am having problems getting my page listed on google. My company is notable with outside reviews from respected journals.

    I have created a page with relevant links both within and external to wikipedia.

    When i google my company i get everything, including mentions of us on other wikipedia pages but no hit for our specific page.
    I haved submited the URL to google.

    Help needed!

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