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Does your domain name really matter?

I was wondering if the actual name of your domain matters at all? I have seen short information domains with hardly no traffic and I have seen long, really hard to remember names with lots of traffic. I am not sure if the domain name will get you more traffic from search engines or not.

For example, my domain name is mlmforums. Will this generate more traffic from search engines regarding mlm than if I had a domain name not related to mlm at all? I have no answer for that, but it´s an interesting question.

What I believe is that the domain name at least matters for the visitors. If a person comes to my site and he or she is not interested in mlm at all, I wouldn´t think that the person would return to my site. But if my domain name was something different, the person might be returning. The content is of course important, and should be the most important focus of any site. If the content is great, people will be returning.

But if the person visited the site only once because of an interesting post, and he or she get a glimpse of mlm, he might not be returning because of that. MLM is weird that way, it seems that either you love it or you hate it. Another thing is that if you can remember the domain name, it´s more likely that you will visit the site again (at least I am like that). I am not using bookmarks that often, I like to remember sites and I like to actually type my urls (I know I am kind of weird that way). So if I remember the domain name and I remember that the content was very interesting, I will probably be visiting again. I use RSS as well, so if it was very interesting the first time I visited I have probably subscribed to the site in the first place.

One of my problems regarding domain names is that my domain name at mlmforums is quite old and when I first started the blog I was writing solely about MLM. Now I find that I write mostly about online marketing and not about MLM at all (well, not often). If domain names matter, I should probably get myself a new domain name related to online marketing and not to MLM.

I talked to one very experienced marketer, and he said that he would not visit my blog because of the MLM in the domain name. He just hates mlm (yes, he was rather clear on the point), but he loves online marketing. So, I guess I lost one reader because of my domain name.

I am not sure if it matters, but I find myself thinking about changing it more and more.

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