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Does Peel Away Ads Really Work?

It seems that the era of pop over ads / unblockable ads that pops up right in your face is almost over. The reason that not that many marketers uses it anymore is that many visitors think itīs annoying, and who can blame them. It disturbes everything, you come looking for some kind of information and suddenly a big ad comes right in your face. The problem with popover ads is that they work. People donīt want to get rid of them, but if you want your visitors to come back to you, then you should probably get rid of the popover ads, or at least not show it to your visitors more than one time.

Well, now there are something new that you can check out. Itīs not a popover advertisement, itīs not as annoying and I am not sure if it is as visible and attention grabbing as the normal popover advertisement. Itīs called Peel Away Ads (the link opens up in a new window with my affiliate id) and itīs a little different.

You get a special offer blinking in the top right corner of your blog / site. I didnīt actually see it the first time, but now I am aware of it and I always see it. I am not sure if it is as visible as the normal popover advertisements, I donīt it is, but again itīs not really annoying either. Many people will probably see it at the corner of your blog, but I donīt think that anybody will have something to say about it.

How does it work?

You get the special offer blinking in the right corner (click here to see the page with the blinking advertisement in the top right corner), and when you move your mouse to that blinking area, something really cool happens to it. It sort of peels away, almost like an orange when you are removing the skin, or maybe itīs more like removing the skin of a banana. Anyway, the feature is really cool and I believe that it can help with grabbing attention from visitors.

Itīs not as dominating as the popover advertisements, itīs actually not dominating at all. It just sits there in the corner, blinking and if you donīt have a lot of other kinds of blinking ads or graphics on your blog, this might be a great way to get people to view your offers.

According to the sales page, the reason why you should get Peel Away Ads is this:

I havenīt tested Peel Away Ads myself yet, but I am still thinking about it. I have seen it on several sites and blogs (yes, it works with WordPress) and it seems to be working, at least it grabs my attention. But that might be because I am aware of it, and I am almost looking for it. One thing that I have noticed is that nobody seems to be using it for their own ads, everybody is using it to promote Peel Away Ads. That might be because the script is new, and when something is new everybody will promote it until something else comes along.

The sales page is actually a little interesting as well. The price for Peel Away Ads is currently $37, but if you move your mouse to the “special offer” in the corner and peels away the site and open up the special offer, you get a reduction of $10. Finally, your price will be $27 for the Peel Away Ads script.

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