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Do you still use Safelists to Advertise?

I remember that I tested safelists to promote various products, but that was a few years ago. The reason I was testing this kind of marketing, was because it was cheap and I could reach a lot of people with my ads.

I soon came to realize that most members of the safelists didn’t actually receive the ads, they just sent ads and never actually read any of the ads being sent out.

But that was a few years ago.

How does advertising using safelists work today?

I know that a few really popular safelists are still active. They are based on credits. You need credits in order to send out your ads to the members, and you need to pay or read in order to get credits.

Here are a few that used to be good, and they might still be as far as I know:

A Safelist is really just a network of people who have decided to exchange ads. But in order for a safelist to be successful, most of the members actually have to read the ads as well. With a credit based safelist this is usually the case.

I haven’t used safelists for years, and I am not sure if they work or not.

If you are interested to learn more about how to promote your products using safelists, you can probably learn a lot from Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide by Michael Cobb and Soren Jordansen (I haven’t read it myself).

Are you still using safelists to advertise?

2 responses to “Do you still use Safelists to Advertise?”

  1. Winson says:

    I have bought it also, since it is not too expensive, and i am curious what is inside the secret, if it is really true, i will tell you again..

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