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Do you have a strategy for commenting?

One of the best free marketing strategies for people who blog, or for anybody promoting anything online for that matter, is to comment posts by other bloggers. This way you will leave your “signature” and lots of people will see your name and a link to your website.

But do you have a strategy for commenting?

A lot of of people, like myself, will just use their name when commenting. Other people will use nicknames, and some will use their website url and some will use the name of their company.


This is an image I have made from some of the names that have been commenting on a very interesting post at copyblogger.

There are at least five ways to leave your name when you comment:

I am not sure which one I prefer when it comes to promoting my blog. If I use my name, people will notice it and maybe won’t think about my blog at all. If I use a nickname, it might look cool, but not professional. If I use my website url, people might notice it and maybe visit my blog more often, but I am not sure if it looks professional.

Maybe a combination is the best way to do it?

Jens |

How do you usually leave your name, and what do you think about it?

4 responses to “Do you have a strategy for commenting?”

  1. Jens says:

    Great video!

  2. Mark Dulisse says:

    Hi Jen,

    Love the blog. I’m looking at creating my own blog, and really like yours.

    Also, where is the affiliate signup on that Silver Bullet Affiliate package? I wouldn’t mind checking it out for my list.

    Thanks again, Mark

  3. venky says:

    I recently purchased the software , it is working fine and driving traffic to my blogs

  4. Marc Blasi says:

    Commenting is a very effective way of getting people to know you in the online world.Depending on what you want there are so many ways of making comments on a blog. I think the ones which allow you to use your name with the key words that you want to promote are the best.

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