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Do You Hate Google?

I don´t hate Google, just sometimes. Maybe I just hate one part of Google, The Adsense Team. Well, my account got deactivated a few months ago, for no reason at all. Ok, I don´t hate them. I was just a little upset.

Earlier today I actually stumbled onto a website that I found really interesting. This is a site with the very amusing name, FuckedGoogle. This site is not only amusing, but to some extent they have a point. I haven´t read all their posts, only a few.

At one post today I found an interesting quote from an anti-google lawyer: “Google apparently doesn’t see cheating its customers out of billions of dollars as doing evil.”


3 responses to “Do You Hate Google?”

  1. Cathy says:

    Have heard about USANA? Their vitamins ranked as #1 in the north american.

  2. jens says:

    Yes, I have heard of USANA.

    But I believe that this is something different.

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