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Do we really need a slogan for our college?

I have been thinking. Our college doesn’t have a slogan, we have never had any slogans. Many colleges and universities have.

Does it really matter, do we need a slogan to brand our college?

I will argue that a slogan is one of the basic elements in building an effective brand campaign. It consists of a short sentence or a phrase that serve to reinforce the business name or logo. In fact, many companies has created highly successful marketing slogans that has been recognized by the consumers as much as their name.

For instance, do you remember these ones?

Just do it

Think different

Have it your way

I’m lovin’ it.

The main purpose behind a slogan is mainly to enhance and boost the name or provide a tiny glimpse of what the brand promises to deliver. Even simple words or phrases can go a long way when it works well with your brand.

A few examples of university slogans:

Inspiring Minds.

Open Minds. Creating Futures.

Forward. Thinking.

Where You’re a Name, Not a Number.

The main purpose for us to create a slogan is brand recall. This enables our college to create a more lasting memory to the minds of the consumers and enhances the market reach.

We need to capture attention and produce interest. We need not just a creative slogan, but an intelligent one. It should appeal to either the needs, attitudes, or emotions of the consumers. Therefore, we should try to compel them to make an action, which in this case is to apply to become a student at our college.

It should trigger the motivation of the consumers and drive them into action.

Yes, I really think we need a slogan.

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