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Do We Really Need HitsConnect?

I am not sure how many months I have been thinking about testing HitsConnect. I am not sure how many months I have been thinking about why I would need a paid service to track my ads. I know that itís been a while, and probably way more than a year. So it might not come as a surprise, but during the month of August, I am a paid member and I am using HitsConnect for the very first time.

I think that the reason why it took me so long before I tried it, was that I have always thought that HitsConnect should be used to track ads at Traffic Exchanges and not ĒregularĒ ads. Now, I see that this is not really how HitsConnect works, even though the majority of its members are using it for Traffic Exchanges, and the owner and creator of HitsConnect is Robert Puddy, who is also the owner and creator of Advertising KnowHow (one of the top Traffic Exchanges).

What is HitsConnect?

Itís a system to track your advertisements, itís a system that will help you find out if your advertisements works or not. They do this buy tracking how many times people click on each of your advertisements, and it tracks from which websites people click on your advertisements.

This way, itís easy to see if people are clicking on your advertisements (banners or text links, or splash pages or whatever type of ads you have). Youíll learn exactly how many times your links have been clicked on. It’s easy to see if your advertisement works, and it’s easy to see if where you are advertising works. It’s not always your ads that are bad, sometimes it’s the e-zine, safelist or website.

Itís easy to do split testing. You just create to very similar ads, and track which of the ads that will get the most clicks. When you find the best of the two ads, you stick with the best one, and then youíll create another one and keep testing. Itís all about testing to find better ads and better ways to advertise.

So far, I have been doing some testing. I have only been testing it on traffic exchanges so far though, but I have seen the potential. Itís really easy to use the system, and it works. You get detailed statistics on every click, and if you join as a partner (like I did), you can actually have the tracking code as part of your own url (you just have to host a php file on your webhost, and include it in your tracking url). Next, I will start testing to track how many clicks my banners (on this blog) are getting.

In the end, the probably most interesting part of the HitsConnect system is the way you can measure how much money you are earning from your advertising. You can add the cost of the advertisement, and you can add the cost of the product you are selling, and HitsConnect will calculate your profits (or loss) for you. It took me some time to figure out how this was done, but it was really simple actually. You just put a tracking code on your thank you page as well. The thank you page is only shown if a person has bought your product, or signed up for your newsletter or whatever action you wanted them to take. If a person ends up at your thank you page, it means success.

I am not sure if Iíll be using HitsConnect for months, but thatís because I am more into blogging than selling stuff on the Internet. But for people involved with affiliate marketing, and trying to sell (their own) stuff on the Internet through various ads, I really do recommend HitsConnect.

If this sounds interesting, you can actually start testing HitsConnect today for free (30-day free trial), but if you think youíll need this system, then you should join as a partner today and get the much lower monthly price. Thatís what I did.

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