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Distraction Free Writing

I’ll use Ommwriter to write my next blog posts. Actually, I’m using it to write this one, and it’s the first time I’m using Ommwriter.

The reason is simple. It’s awesome. The background is perfect, it comes with an image of two trees and I believe it’s snow on the ground. It comes with sound, when I type I can here a nice clicking sound (it’s actually quite entertaining and at the same time it makes me relax).

I have written about disctraction free writing before, that’s because I have been using WriteRoom and it’s probably the software I have been using more than any for the past year or so, and I’m still using Concentrate. WriteRoom is awesome as well, but it’s different from Ommwriter. WriteRoom is just text; a plain background (mine is all black) and the text (mine is orange). It works perfect that way. I didn’t think I wanted anything different until I tested Ommwriter.

I’m not saying that Ommwriter is better, because I really don’t know, at least not yet. Ommwriter is different, it’s different from anything I’ve ever tried when it comes to writing.

It has five features that I haven’t seen anywhere (but that’s me, I’m not saying that this is the only software with these features – because I really don’t know):

1. Background sound

When I write I can hear a nice calming sound, it’s almost like meditating. I thought I would find a background sound irritating or disturbing while writing, but I don’t. It’s actually rather nice. I can turn this sound off if I want to.

2. The sound of writing

When I’m touching the keyboard, and every letter I’m typing, a sound appears. It’s not a typewriter sound, it’s like a rain drop hitting the ground. It’s so different than anything I’ve heard while writing.

3. Background image

The standard image is two trees, with snow on the ground, and it looks great. The text is on top of this, and it makes perfect sense, not when I first heard about it, but when I write. I can change the background image, and I can remove it. I’m using the default.

4. The menu

The menu appears when I use the mouse. When I move the mouse, the menu appears on the right hand side. The effect is really cool. You got to see it to believe it.

5. Moving the cursor

When I move the cursor, using the keyboard, a small black line shows me where I am. It’s always next to the text I’m writing, it’s blinking, and guess what, it’s different as well. I really like it.

The time is now

So far, Ommwriter is in beta mode, and it’s free. I don’t know what will happen once they release a new version. I don’t know if it will be a paid version. So far, Ommwriter is only for Mac, but in the future it might be a version for the PC platform.

I recommend Ommwriter.

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