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Discover the Perfect Signature to use at Forums

Most people using discussion forums know that they should use a signature to promote their blog / site. A signature is allowed at almost all of the discussion forums that I have visited over the past year or so, and you just simply got to have one in order to promote your site.

It really helps to be active at discussion forums, and some discussion forums are better than others also when it comes to promoting your own blog / site. The more active you are in discussions, the more likely it is that more people will see your signature and click on the link to your blog / site.

What sort of signature should you use?

It seems that most people, almost everybody, just have a link to their blog / site and maybe they have something like “please visit my blog” or “Visit (the name of the blog)” or something close to this. This might work, but it all depends on what is the name of your blog and how interesting your posts at the discussion forums are. Because if you are very active and people start to trust you and find you interesting, they might visit your blog / site regardless of what you put in your signature.

What I am talking about today is how should normal people use a signature

I have been successful with it, and I believe that this is what you should do. Put your top blog post titles in your signature and a link to them. For instance, I have a signature that says this (at the moment):

How to Promote Anything on Facebook
The 10 Seconds Marketing Technique
How To Use Google Analytics Bounce Rate

I think that these three titles and links will make people reading my posts at the discussion forums a little curious and they will find at least one of the titles interesting. This way it will be more likely that they visit my blog than if I put something like “please visit my blog” or “Visit My Blog About Online Marketing” in the signature.

You want to grab their attention and you want to give them a reason for visiting your blog / site, and if you put a title like “Discover How To Promote Anything On Facebook” they might think that, well, that sounds interesting why not. Hundreds of people have blogs about Internet marketing, so you should be a little different if you want to get visitors from discussion forums.

I recommend that you:

Use titles from your top blog posts and link to them, not more than three at a time. I think that more than three titles (and links) will become too many and people will not see them as easy as if there are 1, 2 or 3 titles. But you migth want to test this yourself and see how it works out for you. It might all depend on what sort of blog and blog titles you are publishing, because all I know is that this works for me…

2 responses to “Discover the Perfect Signature to use at Forums”

  1. Ozami forum says:

    It’s like with the titles of articles: must be catchy and drive visitors to your website…

  2. You’re absolutely right.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

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