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Digital Marketing Strategy – The 3 Elements

A digital marketing strategy has three elements:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversion
  3. Economics

Economics means you need to make some money on what you sell. When you make money, you can re-invest it in getting more traffic and converting the traffic and further improving the economics.

I have been writing about different digital marketing strategies, and especially about the real power of storytelling. It’s very important to stop cold calling, and do something that’ll earn attention. That’s why I’ve been writing about inbound marketing, content marketing and relationship marketing.

But, like I wrote in the beginning, what it all boils down to in the process of effective selling is three things; traffic, converting and economics. If you remember this, and develop methods for all three elements, you’re on your way to develop the process of effective selling.

The process of creating a digital marketing strategy

Let’s start with traffic. You need people to see what you have to offer. It’s not that the more people who will see it, the more people will end up buying. You should target the people that most like will buy what you’re selling. That’s the reason you should build a small army of fans that’ll read everything you publish. Create a strategy that will make it easy to get people to read your messages.

The next element in the process of a digital marketing strategy is conversion. As a business, it doesn’t matter if you have thousands potential customers, if nobody will buy what you’re selling. You need a method to turn readers or fans into buyers. That’s why I have been asking for feedback. That’s why I have been asking for social proof. People are always looking for the opinions of other people. If you have social proof; people who’ve tweeted about your product, or liked your product on Facebook, and written comments, telling their friends about it, it’s much easier to convert traffic into sales.

The third element of a digital marketing strategy is economics. We need all three elements. If we’re not making any profit from what we’re selling, it doesn’t matter if we get traffic and the traffic is converting into sales. This is the essense of marketing, and what we call the process of effective selling.

What’s your digital marketing strategy?

You might have asked yourself the question already; why did I use the image above. To me, it’s a great example. We need to prepare our customers and readers about what they can expect from us. This is how we convert. It’s not hard to get traffic, what’s difficult is to focus on the right traffic, and use the best methods that’ll convert the traffic into sales.

Are you using the 3 elements of a digital marketing strategy?

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