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Digital Ad Gear Online Marketing Systems

Yesterday I found a company sort of by accident. I was surfing to see if I could find an alternative to Traffic Oasis, and then I found Digital Ad Gear. It seems like a very interesting company, with a lot of interesting services for online marketers. But when I look at their services and their prices, I am saying to myself something like “this seems just too good to be true”.

For instance, they have a service called Campaign Fox, where you get an autoresponder, professional written messages and 10,000 leads a month. The price is only $44.97 a month. Not sure how good the leads are, but this is cheap. They also have another basic autoresponder service, where you get 2,000 leads a month and the price is only $34.97.

Their prices seems to be very low, but how’s the quality of their services?

They offer the following services:

* Campaign Fox (100% Managed Autoresponder System)
* Bulk E-mail System (send your ad to millions)
* Guaranteed Email Click Thrus
* Guaranteed E-mail Opens
* Auto-Responder System (open import style)
* 3 Cent Surveyed Leads (best low cost leads on the Net)
* Famous 5 Leads for a Penny
* Ad -Tracking System
* Lead Generation System
* Guaranteed Lead Generation

For more information visit Digital Ad Gear.

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