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Digg is Important even if you Hate it

Many have stated that they are losing interest in Digg, mainly because of some self-appointed censors who buries Digg stories they find ideologically unappealing or because Digg buries the posts internally, or maybe even the Digg bury brigade is really an automatic feature?

Sometimes it’s not easy to understand why Digg is behaving like that, but maybe that’s the fun of being a part of a community like Digg?

Anyway, if I have any problems at all with Digg, it’s probably more related to the amount of similar services. Let me just mention a few that I am using:

I could have listed many more, but you probably get my point. They are not the same as Digg, none really are, but they are similiar and they will drive traffic to your site if you use them right.

Even though you might not like Digg, or maybe you have too many other similar services that you are using instead, there are at least one reason why you should submit your posts to Digg.

Search engines loves Digg.

Just look at the post I wrote yesterday. The title is “How to use Britney Spears”. I did submit it to Digg yesterday, and I was hoping for a little help and some votes. But do you know what?

So far not one single person have voted on it, but if you use Google and search for how to use britney, you’ll find it at number 3, from a search result of 32.2 million results (see image below). That’s amazing.


I haven’t found a direct link to my blog post among the results at Google, at least not so far. Maybe it just takes a little longer for Google to add it. Even if I will get the link, Digg gets indexed a lot faster and I think that I get ranked a lot better when I submit my stories to Digg.

Eventually, even if my story gets zero diggs and / or gets buried a few minutes after I have submitted it, I still get love from the search engines.

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