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Did you know this about AutoResponders?

While eating my breakfast today I came up with the idea that I should check if there was any books (real books, not ebooks) about AutoResponders (my affiliate link to AWeber). Yes, I was eating my breakfast while using my computer, and that’s probably why I should use a vacuum cleaner on my keyboard later today.

What I was looking for was a book about how to write your followup messages (on the topic of copywriting), and how to build a list of subscribers. I know there are many ebooks about this, but it`s something else to have a real book.

I actually didn`t expect to find any books about this topic, but I ended up finding several interesting. I am not sure if I am going to order any of them yet, but I might.

If you are interested to view the list of books that I found at Amazon, just click here for the list of books and you might be as impressed as I was. Well, not all the books are exactly about AutoResponders, very few are, but they are about related topics and I bet you will get a lot of useful information about how you can use them.

If you can recommend any of the books, please add a comment.

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